FaceTime Video Call – Facetime Multiple People on Video Call

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FaceTime video call has been an Apple platform which has been developed in an open standard way, which means that technically face time could be used across a range of platform and other manufacturers can leverage face time chat protocol. The FaceTime video call is ridiculously easy to use on the devices as long as you are using the Wi-Fi or cellular data, you can stay in touch with family and friends and even connect with anyone in the world that uses the Apple device.

FaceTime Video Call - Facetime Multiple People on Video Call

Facetime video call is an application that is made for Apple devices. These are only launched for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch apple watch or Mac book, to call anyone else using any of these items. On the FaceTime video call, you can actually add up 30 people to a Face Time video chat as long as all your participants are using an iPhone, iPad or Mac running iOS 12.1 or Mojave.

Facetime Multiple People on Video Call – Make a Group Video Call

However, if you want to create a group for your FaceTime video call, then you have to add each participant after the call has started which may course or suit you if you want to talk to anyone separately. Here are the steps you need to follow.

  • Open the Face Time app on your iPhone, iPad or Mac.
  • Press the + in the top right corner on an iPhone or iPad (if you are using a Mac, just tap in the box).
  • Enter a name or number for the first person you are calling.
  • Keep adding contacts until all the people you want to add are on the call.
  • Now you can tap on the video to initiate the call.

However, if you search for a contact to add to the FaceTime and you see the blue color on the name, the contact has the Face Time but when you find out it has the gray color it clearly shows you that the contact does not have the Face Time App.

How to Make a FaceTime Chat Using Messages

However, if there is any probability you frequently message the people you wish to Face Time chat you can easily place the video chat through the messages app. Here are the steps to follow.

  • Open Messages on your iPhone, iPad.
  • Open a conversation.
  • On an iPhone or iPad tap the top section of the screen where you can see the people in the conversation, where it says “x people”.
  • Lastly, choose Face Time.

All the people will receive an alert that a Face Time call is been taking place. This will actually specify how many people are active. All your contact needs to do is only to tap on the Join button to join the call.