fb.gg is a new gaming streaming platform on the Facebook platform itself it is not really on your facebook page or wall. The platform is owned and run by Facebook. Facebook is a platform that is gunning for everything. I remember vividly well when Facebook first came into limelight. The platform was meant for easy communication between students at Harvard University. But now the platform is more than just a communication platform.

Fb.gg - Facebook Live Gaming Streaming | fb.gg streamer

On this Facebook platform today you can now find and do anything. With this platform anything is possible. Can you beat that? The platform is now one of the most valuable internet platforms in the world. On this platform you can shop, transfer money; integrate your business, play games and so much more. The platform is visited by over two billion people weekly due to this reason.

The platform is just great. And now Facebook has set its sight on the largest online gaming streaming platform, Twitch. Trust me when I tell you this the twitch platform has something to be afraid of. The Facebook platform has always been underrated and has yet at most times come out on top. Facebook has launched a live streaming platform. This very platform is different from its already live video feature.

Features of Fb.Gg

Although this platform is different from facebook live video tool, it’s still integrated with the tool since they are both facebook features. On this platform, Facebook will give users the ability to discover and follow other streamers on the platform. Just in case you are wondering what the terms FB and gg stands for, I will tell you now. Fb, as we all know, stands for Facebook. But gg on the other stands for something entirely different. Only true gamers will know what it means. Well, gg means or stands for a good game. This is a customary message that is sent at the end of a match.

Normally people do watch video game streams on facebook via their newsfeed, pages or groups. But now with this new platform, Facebook has created a separate hub or house for live gaming sessions and also prerecorded gaming sessions. The platform announced just recently that gamers will now be rewarded for their efforts. In this sense, gamers can now earn money for their contents on the platform. This new feature on the platform is known as facebook stars. With this feature streamers and gamers can now monetize their video contents via the support of their fans.

How The Platform Looks Like

This is an online platform. And the platform looks alright. On the main page of the platform, you will find streams ongoing in the form of a large auto play video. Users on the platform can filter games, get access to suggested streamers, recently live videos and video clips watched by friends on the platform. Facebook reportedly said that the platform is in its experimental phase and will, therefore, continue to test out new features.

How to Get Access to Fb.Gg

The platform is open to all Facebook users. So, therefore, you need to be a registered user on the Facebook platform. If you do not have a facebook account you cannot get access to this gaming streaming platform. To create an account go to the official facebook sign up page at www.facebook.com/signup and follow the onscreen instructions. After creating your account on the Facebook platform you can now get access to this gaming platform.

On your device, go to fb.gg on your web browser. You must be logged in to facebook on your device. And immediately you enter this URL into your search bar you will be taken to the platform’s homepage. Or you can also use this URL at www.facebook.com/gaming to visit the platform. On this platform to stream a video is easy. All you need to do is to click on the video you love to stream.