What is a Fb store? Do you have any idea? But what is Fb? The reason for this question is that you need to understand this before you can know what Fb store is. Don’t be alarmed as Fb simply mean facebook. Yes, that reaction you are having now was the same as the one I got when I learned of the meaning. So, therefore, in other words, Fb store simply means facebook store. Now, what is facebook store?

Fb Store - How to Set Up a Facebook Store

What Is the Facebook Store?

The Facebook store or Fb store is one of the various features and functions that are available to users on the Facebook platform. Fb store or facebook store for clarity is a page in Facebook where facebook users can conveniently buy and sell their products directly on the facebook platform to other facebook users. That’s all on the meaning of facebook store.

Features and Benefits of the Facebook Store

Just like Facebook, this feature is an interesting one. It has a tendency to always surprise new users. The reason for this is the features it possesses. Like for one the facebook store is free and easy to set up. You don’t need to pay any fee of any kind before you can make use of it. Even when you have set up an Fb store you still do not need to pay any form of subscription to continue with the service.

Unlike other selling platforms where you get to pay a percentage per transaction, the Fb store feature is different. The total percentage of sales is yours and yours only. Facebook doesn’t take any form of percentage when you conduct business on the platform. With the facebook store platform your brand and products get the exposure it deserves on a global scale thus pushing and driving your product sales.

How to Set Up an Fb Store

Now that you have known what a facebook store is and also the features of this store do you know how to set up one for your use? If you do not know then the next part of this article is very crucial for you. To successfully set up a facebook store follow the steps below. But before you can begin with the steps I am about to lay out to you, you need to have a facebook page for your brand and product. If you do not have a facebook page you should at least be an admin of a facebook page. Once all these things are in place you can now proceed;

  1. On your facebook page click on the add section tab which can be found under the cover photo of your page.
  2. Click on the ‘add a shop section’ tab on the next page.
  3. Start setting your shop details.
  4. Set up your payment method and options.
  5. You can now start adding products to your shop.
  6. set up your shipping details.
  7. Finish with your shop settings.
  8. Manage your shop orders.

if you carefully follow the steps above then you shouldn’t have any problems with setting up your Fb store.