Find My Phone Apps for Android Devices

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Losing your phone can be a frightening experience. It can even lead to the loss of all your contact information, pictures, videos, personal information, and other important files and documents. When this information is gone and they are not backed up somewhere, it can really be terrific. And getting them back could be such a hassle. Losing your phone could also lead to financial loss especially once the phone gets into the wrong hands. But with Find My Phone Apps for Android Devices, you can avoid all of these.

Find My Phone Apps for Android Devices

You might want to ask “Are there Find My Phone Apps for Android devices?”. This is because the popular Find My app is only limited to iPhone and iOS device users. But there are apps that could help you easily find your Android phones whenever they are stolen or go missing. Here in this article, we will be looking at some of these apps. These apps just like the actual Find My app would give you the exact location of your phone when it gets missing.

So, I’ll advise and also suggest that as soon as you learn about these apps. You download it on your device and activate it to help you find your phone easily. However, the apps are available for free download on both your Google Play Store for free download. Without much ado, let’s explore these apps.

Find My Phone Apps for Android Devices

As earlier mentioned, Find My Phone apps can be used to track the live location of your mobile device and also the location of your loved ones. These apps are available on the Google Play Store and most of them are free. Here are some Find My Phone Apps you could download and use below:

Find My Device

This is a Find My Phone app offered by Google. It has amazing features and does all the basic things such as locking devices, sounding alarms, and others. It also enables you to wipe your phone through the web interface.

However, if you want to track the location of your phone, this app relies on the GPS functionality of your mobile device. It also has no in-app purchases and no ads. Even if your mobile device is not connected to the internet, you can still check its last known position through the app.

Find My Phone Apps – Life360

Life360 is a free family monitoring app that enables you to be connected to your loved ones every hour of the day. It also delivers the real location on a map and tells you when they arrive or even when they depart from their location. This app enables you to track your family’s daily routine such as work commutes, school hours, and others.

It also has a safety feature that alerts you such as speed alerts, emergency calls, and collision detection. Life360 also makes it easy to schedule family events and activities which makes it a complete and important tool for protecting the safety of your loved ones.

Prey: Find My Phone & Security

This is one of the best tracking apps that also safely secure your data. This app works on iOS, Ubuntu, Android, Windows, MacOS and Chromebooks.  It is also able to locate lost laptops, phones, and tablets.

The app also has the ability to remote lock, wipe data, and capture screenshots. Prey has lots of positive reviews from people who have used the app and it is an important tool for securing and also retrieving missing devices.


This app is intended to offer you absolute peace of mind by giving you live updates of your loved ones’ location. This is a real-time GPS monitoring that enables you to know the whereabouts of your contacts without any stress. You can also set up alarms to be notified when they enter or leave any region.

Furthermore, Durcal also has a useful emergency button that enables you to contact emergency personnel when needed. It also has a user-friendly interface that enables you to create a different profile for your contacts. This will enable you to monitor their location on the app with ease. 

Durcal is available on the Google Play Store and on the Apple App Store and it is an amazing tool for staying in touch with your loved ones.

Find My Phone Apps – GeoZilla

This is another amazing GPS tracking tool that enables users to share their real-time location with their loved ones. Other than tracking your friends and family, the app also has multiple safety features which include the ability to set up customized warnings for specific places or even low phone battery levels.

This app is also compatible with Android devices and iOS devices. It consistently delivers a good experience to its users and the program is totally free.


FamilyGo is also one of the best GPS monitoring apps that enhance family safety and connectivity. With this app, you can easily keep track of your loved ones live location. By setting up geofences you will be rest assured that you will receive an alert instantly when a family member enters or leaves a defined location.

This app is also user-friendly and it also budget-friendly. This app is an amazing combination of convenience and peace of mind. This is the best app for tracking your family and staying connected.

Find My Phone Apps – Wunderfind

Wunderfind is a free app that can help you find your lost or stolen devices such as Smartwatches, Smartphones, headphones, and tablets. This program immediately scans for nearby devices and shows their exact location on the user-friendly map interface by using the abilities of Bluetooth Low Energy Tech.

In addition, you can set up customized alarms to receive warnings when your loved ones’ devices cross specific bounds. This app is also compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

In conclusion; these Find My Phone Apps offer an extensive solution for marinating the safety of Android phones. It also provides real-time tracking of your devices and also has the ability to wipe data. They also have a user-friendly interface and additional anti-theft safeguards and each app has its own perks.