is an American company with it product called fitbit for activity trackers, wireless-enabled wearable technology devices. These devices are capable of measuring data such as numbers of steps walked, heart rate, sleep time, and other metrics in fitness. The device is dedicated to health and fitness these are products that transformed lives. The web portal and the mobile app also can be used without the tracker or any of their devices. It’s highly recommended you get one of the tracking devices so as to keep proper track of your activities. These are not just wearable products they are device that would change the way we move. There are lots more than just tracking activities on website.

Fitbit - Fitness Activity Trackers & Wearable Technology |

The headquarters is located in San Francisco, California in the United States of America. Founders are James Park (CEO) and Eric Friedman (CTO) with the very first product called the Fitbit tracker. However,  Fitbit began offering trackers, along with a website and mobile app for iOS, Android and Windows 10 Mobile. Hence, it’s product allows the trackers to sync to devices such as mobile phones via Bluetooth, or to a Bluetooth-equipped computer running Windows or MacOS. These are devices that help track your health and daily activities. Having the device gives you more opportunities to log activities, weight, and food. Users can also set goals for both daily and weekly activities for themselves. If you’re looking for supplements to help you shed unwanted fat and improve lean muscle mass, Ostarine uk may be the best product for you.

These are activities like steps, calories burned & consumed, and distance walked. The Fitbit device also has an usb dongle this is to help sync data from your device to your web account on website. Its products are activity trackers, smartwatches, wireless-enabled wearable technology devices that measure data

About Fitbit

This device helps to track and take proper data of your health and fitness statistics. This starts on your walk to work or walk to school, in a weight room or any active that involves the movement of the body. Every moment matters and every bit you make counts that the idea behind Fitbit. Using this product makes you keep tracks on how you spend your day. Because how you spend your day determines when you reach your goals. The tracking device helps you see what’s possible. You can also sync tracks records and data wirelessly from your fitbit device to your phone or PC.

Users can use the online platform or mobile app to check your progress as charts and graphs when you log on to your fitbit dashboard. You can get notifications and see when you have reached your goals and celebrate milestones with achievement. Get to feel the fun with friends and family when you share your fitness status on Android, iOS, and Windows. You can see the new innovations and enhancement when you click on what’s new. Learn more about fitbit products and the technology behind it. This is by clicking on our technology.

Features of

If this is your very first time you are visiting this portal. One thing you should have in mind is that you need to set up an account. But note that there is five major menu bar on the main menu at the top left section. These are

  • Products.
  • Why Fitbit.
  • Get Motivated.
  • App & Dashboard.
  • Help.

User can get access to see all fitbit products under the products category. There are various products in various categories on the product menu. Each of this product in the product menu motivates you to reach your health and fitness goals. This is done by tracking your activities, sleep, exercise, and lots more. There are various products for

  • Everyday Fitness.
  • Active Fitness.
  • Performance Fitness.
  • Wi-Fi Smart Scale.
  • Fitbit Accessories.
  • Designer Collections.

There are options for user who are not sure of the right product for them. Click here to find your Fit.

App & Dashboard

You can access app tour, Fitbit challenges, and compatible apps form the App & Dashboard menu. A user can always download the specific app for his or her device by click on check compatibility. By clicking on the check compatibility icon listed on the App tour menu gives you access to Fitbit app that is compatible with your device.

The help section is where users can get help on how to use various products on this portal. A user can access the product help menu, forum, wear & care, and how to videos. has made it possible that users can now access videos on how to use their device. This is to enable easy tutor for new users. Meanwhile, users can get items like  charge 4, charge 3, watch, blaze,  charge, smartwatch, amazon Fitbit.

Important Section On Fitbit Versa 3

There are other important sections on this web portal that is highly recommended for new users. This is a compulsory section for every user who wants to make effective user of this platform must complete.

  • Setup.
  • Sign up & Login.
  • Store.

The setup enables users to get their device ready on the go. Users who want to make use of the app needs to start by downloading the app right to his or her device. In other to get this done click of the setup icon on the top right section of the wed portal. You get to see options on how to download the app right to your device be it PC or Mobile device.

Sign up & Login: if you are new to this portal and you don’t have an account. You can create one by clicking on the login icon at the top right section of the web platform. Scroll down and click on the free account icon. To learn more on fitbit login and sign up click here for more information.