Flood – Causes and Effects of Flood | Different Type of Flood

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Hear in this article are basic facts about the causes of the flood and also list and define the different types of flood hear we have. What is called flood or how are floods caused? On the contrary, have this in mind that Flood is the deadliest type of severe weather. However, Floods can also be defined as much overflows of water that inundate over land that are usually dry. This always occurs in the river. When the power flow rate exceeds the capacity of the river channel. Once the flood occurs, it’s caused a lot of damage to nature whereby humans and businesses find it’s difficult to escape once their location areas are closers to the flood plains of rivers.

Flood – Causes and Effects of Flood | Different Type of Flood

However, there are server causes of the floods. In which floods can be caused by atmospheric conditions that can lead to heavy rain or quickly melting of snow and ice. Beside most are caused by Heavy rainfall, Ocean waves coming onshore like storm surge, Melting of snow and ice alongside with ice jams, and dam or levees breaking. Those listed constantly cause the Flood which can affect humans and their business. It’s was also said that the geographies can also make an area closer to the floods. Where we have houses near the river are often at high risk for flood.

List of Different Types of Floods.

River Flood

On the contrary, the river flood mostly occurs during the rainy season. Which happens to be when the levels of water rise up over to the top of the river banks. The river flood does happen in all rivers and streams agency. Which it transfers all particles of small streams to the world’s largest rivers.

Causes of the River flooding

Here are the causes of the River flooding include:

  • Excessive rain from tropical storm system making the landfall.
  • result thunderstorms over the same location for extended periods.
  • Combined rainfall and snowmelt.
  • Finally, ice jams.

Besides, the river floods can suddenly happen or slowly. It’s occurred more often on similar rivers, rivers with steps valley, rivers that flow over their normal length, and many more.

Coastal Flood

The coastal flood is an outpouring of normally dryland areas along the coast with seawater. This can be caused by some cases which are also a result of a combination of sea tidal surges, high winds and many more

  • Tropical cyclones can cause the coastal flood
  • Tsunami
  • Higher than the average tides.

Storm Surge

This is also another type of flood that can be caused by an abnormal rise in water lever of coastal areas over the regular tremendous tide.

Causes of Storm Surge

  • Winds
  • Waves
  • Low atmospheres pressure

However, you can also explore more about the Storm Surge on your devices chrome or default we browser. But note that this is tropically dangerous forms of flooding. This can floods large coastal areas at the same time and cause flooding very easily.

Inland Flooding

The inland flooding does occur in inland or not in a coastal area. Which means that coastal flooding and storm surge does not occur in inland floods.

Causes of inland Flooding

  • Rainfall is one of the causes of inland floods. Is either happens with a steady rainfall over-serve l days or a short and intense period of time of rainfall?
  • Snowmelt
  • Paved roads and streets
  • Low capacity drainage equipment
  • Dense building
  • Low amounts of green space

And also, inland flooding can be caused when the water ways have been blocked by untenses.

Flash flood

This can be caused by rain falling rate and rain falling duration. And mostly happen when damns breakout, levees fail, or when the rises of ice jams bring out a large amounts of water. And it’s was said to be dangerous and deadly also.

What are the Causes of Flooding?

As was said earlier, you can find a lot of different causes of flooding. Meanwhile, all floods have its own causes and damages. Here is the list of floods causes

  • Heavy rainfall
  • Overflowing rivers
  • Releasing of dam or broken dams
  • Storm surge and tsunamis
  • Channels with steep banks
  • A lack of vegetation
  • Melting snow and ice

In summary, the dangerous aspect of a flood can cause damages to humans’ nature. Whereby, it’s can lead to loss of lives, carrying people away in fast movement of water, drowning people, damages of homes, business, and property, and many more.there are different types of flood in which they both have their causes and effect of flood. Always beware of water flood because of its damages.