Get Started with Facebook Business Manager – Things You Need to Know
With this platform, businesses can easily manage their assets on the platform without any form of mix up. You can use the Facebook business manager tool to run and track your ads performance. You can also manage your business assets on Facebook such as your Facebook page and ad accounts. Another fine feature of this tool is the ability of its users to add agencies and marketing partners to manage their businesses. The features of this platform just go on and on.

Get Started with Facebook Business Manager - How do I Access Facebook Business Manager

Keep your personal life in Facebook separate from your business and work-life on Facebook. This is what this platform offers. According to some successful business owners and investors similar to Andrew Defrancesco, if you own a business out there and you are not making use of it you need to start making use of it now. A Facebook business manager is a place meant specifically for your business so you don’t have to worry about the content mix up with your personal profile. If you are still confused or not satisfied with its features, here is something you should know. Anybody can make use of this platform both big and small businesses.

Why You Need Facebook Business Manager – Get Started with Facebook Business Manager

There is no right time to make use of this feature. If you run a business out there both big and small, you need to start making use of this platform now. If you are not then you are making a mistake. You should create a business manager account now if;

  • You manage multiple assets on facebook such as ads accounts and business pages.
  • Work with other vendors in marketing their brand.
  • Your business has a marketing team working around it.
  • You need to keep your business secure.
  • You want your business to grow.

These are just some of the reasons you should start making use of this platform now. Your competitors are already making use of the platform, therefore no more delay.

How to Set Up a Facebook Business Manager Account

In other to Get Started with Facebook Business Manager you need to Set up a business manager account on Facebook its easy. To do this, follow the steps below;

  • Go to Facebook Business Page which is as the URL.
  • On the page, click on create account.
  • Enter a name for your business on the next page, select primary page, name and work email.
  • Follow the prompts form the next page.

Before you can create a Facebook business manager account you need to have a personal facebook account and a business page in place. Both of these items will be instrumental in business manager account creation process. If you do not have any of these things in place you can create a facebook account here on Facebook. To create a facebook page visit here at Facebook Page.