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Every day software developers produce and release lots of applications. Device users all over the world have no idea of this. That’s where the services of app stores and digital distribution platforms come in. For a mobile device, we have the likes of the Play Store for Android, and the App Store for iOS devices. While for PC and desktop devices we have a Mac app store for macOS, and a Microsoft store for Windows operating system. Well, the app store provides similar services for device users. Getjar is a very popular mobile app store whereby, people can download games and applications into their mobile devices. It is a website that gives the best and most popular games and apps you can ever ask for. Getjar app store site allows, android, Symbian, iOS, and java users to download any games of their choice. 

Mobile devices running on the following operating systems ranging, from Java, Windows, Symbian, and Android can access the services of this platform. Downloading apps on Getjar is very easy and it does not require you to sign up or register for an account. All you just need is your device browser and you are good to go. The best part of Getjar is that it is free. Once you have a good connection, you can download any game of your choice easily. However, do you want to download Getjar games but don’t know how? Not to worry, just follow this article to the very end. This is because I will enlighten you on everything you need to know about

Features Of GetJar offers a variety of apps on its website for users to select and download to their mobile devices. The platform makes this easy for users to do with the layout and design of its menu section. These are the menu section’s options available for users to explore such as GetJar java apps and many more.

  • Home.
  • Categories.
  • Apps.

Each of these sections in the web platform contains what will grab the attention of a visiting user. So users should be ready for the eye-grabbing GetJar application when they visit the app store.


The homepage of the website has apps options, users can download to their devices. There are two menu options available in this section, which includes.

  • Top Mobile Apps.
  • New Mobile Apps.

Mobile apps with high download rates are shown to users on the Top mobile app option. While new app updates on the website are all on the new mobile apps options. It’s left for the user to select the download from these two options. If you are a gamer, try to visit the GetJar games section where you can download games for your mobile device. App Categories

Different categories of applications for mobile devices are on this platform. The platform gives users the chance to select a category to which an app they want to download belongs. Users get to choose from the attention-grabbing categories ranging from Games, Entertainment, Social, and many others.

Apps provides the best options for users to select to download an application from the Apps menu section. There are three options available for users to choose to download from on the platform, they include.

  • Top.
  • New.
  • Best Of Google Play.

Each of the above options has apps that users will like to download to their device for usage. When a user sees an application they like, they can easily download them to their device and install them anytime they want to.

Getjar web platform also has a search option that users can use to quickly get to an application download page. All a user needs to do, Is simply insert the name of the application they want to download in it and click the search button. The search option provides users with results containing applications with the name of the keyword they input.

Getjar Games& App Download 

GetJar download is very easy as users can download all their favorite apps right on this platform. All a user needs to ensure is that they have a strong internet connection and enough memory storage on their device that can contain the app they want to download. Once those are already in place users can download a Getjar app with the following steps.

  • Open the website on your device web browser.
  • Input the name of the application in the search option. The search option is located at the top right side of the homepage.
  • Click the search button to search for the game you want to download.
  • Enter the application you want to download from the search result.
  • Click on the download option to save it on your device.

After the above steps, the app will begin to download to the user’s device. When the download process is complete, users will be able to install the application on their devices anytime they wish to.