Gmail account login gives users full access to his or her Gmail account. User can always login to his or her account at any time. Google has made it possible that users can login to all other Google account using Gmail account login. this is the all google account to one account policy

Gmail Account Login

There are lots of benefits users gets when they sign up and login to their account. This is the word most popular email service provider on the internet. That allows users to send and receive email messages across the web.

Benefits of Gmail Account Login

There are lots of benefits and awesome features up for users on this platform. A user who already created an account can enjoy all the awesome goodies when they login to their account. Below are some benefits.

  1. A user can also access other Google services using Gmail account login.
  2. Send email messages and media files on the internet.
  3. Receive email messages and media files as well.
  4. A user can chat with other users online this platform.
  5. Free storage space and can make use of the storage space whenever he or she login to his or her account.
  6. Multiple account switching if you have more than one email account you can switch Automatically to the other Gmail Account with signing out.

There lots more for users on this platform but users need to know what the basic requirements are. In other, for users to access this platform. Gmail sign up process is required for new users who want to create an account. If you already have an account let’s take a look at the account login in steps.

Gmail Account Login Process

There is no much challenge for user who makes use of this platform either to send or receive email messages. A user can always login to his account either via PC or mobile device. Here is the login steps for PC user who make use of a web browser.

  1. Run any web browser on your PC and enter the url as in the url address section to visit .
  2. If you are new to Gmail you can click on the create account icon below.
  3. Enter you email in the first feed and password in the second feed.
  4. Click on the sign in icon to complete the account login process.

Users are required to enter accurate information in the Gmail account login page. Most when a user enters wrong password or email in any of this feed he or she gets denied from logging into his account.

Always make sure that you enter the correct login details in the login section. This is done to keep every user account safe from unauthorized users. There is also some secure tip to keep your account safe.

How to Retrieve your Gmail Account Login Password

One of the best components of users account is password. This is more like a security key that can be used to access your account. Anyone who enter your email and password correctly in the login section we be granted access to your account.

However, password can easily be changed at any time. As a user you need to always keep it in mind and don’t write it anywhere to keep it safe. Most times users forget what their password is but the good news is that you can always retrieve your password if you forget it.

  1. Visit the web address by entering the url as or in the top section of your browser.
  2. Enter you email address in the first box and click on next.
  3. Click on forgot password icon at the right section below the sign in icon.
  4. You we be asked to try the last password, you we be asked to enter your complete mobile number to get Google verification code or you can click on try a different question.
  5. Enter the code that was sent to you in the box and you we have to enter a new password.

With the password recovery features, users can rest his old password if he or she forget what his password is. A user can always use this feature when they forget their password.