Gmail Desktop Version – How to Get Gmail as a Desktop Application | Gmail PC Version

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A desktop version of Gmail is just like a normal Gmail account. Having the same features but quite a bit different from it. This desktop version of Gmail gives you direct contact with your emails on your desktop. A Gmail desktop version also could be switched if need to an HTML version of Gmail. Gmail does not have a desktop to download the app that the users need easily. So, you have to use your google chrome to download the desktop version. This could also work for window users as well.

Gmail Desktop Version - How to Get Gmail as a Desktop Application |  Gmail PC Version

However, Gmail is a free email server created and designed by google. While users get free access to their Gmail account webpage anytime. Google gives the best it could provide. For user to enable them get free access to their Gmail desktop version account for free. It’s also makes sure it gives the best services it could render. And users benefit a lot from the services they are given.

How to get Gmail Desktop Version on your Mobile Devices.

Like I said before this app could only be used with chrome which has been installed on your mobile devices. You might a swell use your mobile devices to access the desktop version only by your web browser if you’re an iPhone user is still the same process you follow.

  • Open your web browser which is the chrome and go to
  • Fill in the required information on your homepage screen correct by writing your email address, username, and password, click on the button to continue.
  • Then you will provide your password again to confirm correctly and click on the Next button.
  • Tap on the option giving to you by the chrome browser app that will provide you with a request desktop site.
  • Then lastly click on it and the Gmail desktop version will pop up and you have the access to use the features of the desktop version.

In short, users need to be able to download the app themselves next time. with the assistance given to them they should be able to know and access a Gmail Desktop Version.

How to Create a New Gmail Account

Creating a new account on your Gmail Desktop Version means you will be exploring a new feature. And you can as well login into your old account for backup or to retrieve old mails. Here are the steps to follow when creating a new account follow the steps rightly and correctly.

  • Go to website
  • Then click on the create a new account and enter the information required from you
  • Choose if you want it to be a personal or public account and click on any of them.
  • Sign in with your name then your username.
  •  The password will be your verification code.
  •  the phone number will be required from you by the website.
  •  Date of birth must be correct and chooses the gender you belong to. If you’re a male or female then click on the next icon.
  • Lastly agree to the terms and conditions giving by the Gmail website.

The website will welcome you well by sending you a message for creating an account. Nevertheless, you can as well log out of the account if you want to.

How to Log Out from your Gmail Account.

Gmail Desktop Version? this following steps and intruscution will help you learn more about how to log out or sign out from the Gmail Desktop Version online platform. Here are the steps to take when you want to log out of your account.

  • Go to your profile that has your pictures. For users without their pictures.  
  • Click on the image icon at the top right corner of the Gmail box homepage.
  • Then click on sign out icon below the options and you will log out completely.

In conclusion, in order to log out from your Gmail account from Gmail Desktop Version. you can simply follow this simple step to get your account Log out or Sign out. Besides, users should note that he or she needs to sign in account back once account has begin Log out.