Gmail Login – Gmail Email Login and Other Gmail Login Issues You Need to Know About is a web-based email service provider. also called Google mail. Which is the official mailing company for all Google brands? It gives its users a high gigabyte of storage for messages and also allows users to read and receive messages right on their inbox. To tell you how important having an account is. Gmail Sign in or Gmail Email Login allows you to access the portal and access your email inbox to check for new messages.

Gmail Email Login

Most android users need a Google mail account in other to be able to access their Google play store on their Android phone. We all know that Google play store is an app on an android phone whereby a user can download various apps. Without you having a Google mail account you can’t be able to access your Google play store.

Google mail is more reliable for sending and receiving electronic messages with high storage ability compared to other mailing service provider. The two largest web email provider which are Yahoo and Microsoft have a storage ability of four megabytes and two megabytes for storing messages, of which they also charge a fee for additional storage.

How to Access Google Gmail Sign in/Login

If you already have an account or you just completed the account creation process which is the Sign Up process above. You can access your account with Gmail Email login steps.

Gmail email login or Gmail sign in add account has a login platform that supports both mobile and Pc users. Where users can enter their Gmail email login information in other to gain full access to their Email account. One thing about the Gmail email login process is that. You can log in to your account from anywhere in the world it doesn’t matter what location or what device you are using. Be it a PC, a mobile phone, or tablet.

Gmail email login also supports mobile platform in other to enables easy access to your Email account at any time. You can also see your inbox, outbox, Drafts, Spam and other services on your inventory when you are logged in even with a mobile device.

Gmail Email Login page

This is a safe service whereby the user doesn’t have to think about storage space available and it is very easy to navigate. As a user, you don’t have to worry about an email that was sent to a wrong address or person. With Google undo feature you can undo sent emails that was send to a wrong email address.

If you already have an account on and you don’t know how to login or you are having issues with Gmail email login page. Here is Gmail email log in the solution you don’t have to worry about the Gmail email log in issue anymore.

What is Gmail Email Login ID

One thing a user should consider when it comes to logging in to any user account on the Internet. Is that every account has a username and a password which is your Login ID. This is to identify that you are the true owner of the account. Anyone who has a user’s ID and password would be able to access the user account.

Gmail Email Login Security Notification  

In other to access your email account you need a user name and password of that account. Note that it must be the users name and password that is been assigned by you when signing up to the account.

You have to take note of your password because the password can be changed at any time. There is a login detect feature on Gmail email login if you are trying to login from an unknown or different location. Or with a new device for the first time. You we be asked to enter your security questions to verify that you are the owner of the account. also have a mobile verification platform whereby whenever you want to login to your Google email account. A verification code we be sent to your mobile phone. A user that also attempt incorrect password too many times we be ask a security questions to verify. This makes Gmail email login really safe for Users to be able to login to their account at any time.

Gmail Email Login issues

If you have been having any issues with Gmail Email login. Here is a possible cause of errors why trying to login.

  • Worng or Incorrect password.
  • Worng or incomplete username.

Wrong or Incorrect Gmail Email Login password

A password is a secure number or alphabet assign to a user’s account. It’s been used whenever a user is trying to login or access a secure page on the Internet. Most users make use of number, alphabet and symbols when creating a password for their account. You have to take note of what character or letters you are using when creating a password.

Over time, I discovered that when you are trying to enter your password in the password feed the characters are been represented with asterisks so that other users close to you won’t be able to know what your password is. But if you have been trying to login to your account you get an error message which says

“The email or password you enter is incorrect ” it’s advice able that you stay away from anyone around you and open either notepad or word pad and type in your password then copy and paste it in the password field on Gmail Email login page. You can make use of the shortcut key on your keyboard ctrl + C is to copy ctrl + V is to past.

Worng or incomplete Gmail Email Login Username

Username in Gmail is the name before the @ symbol, for instance, my Gmail address is GOOGLe is my username name. You can enter the username as or Google in the feed for Username.

Make sure your username is correct just the way you entered it when you were creating the email account.  Username can also contain symbols and numbers. Check the username you entered if you are missing any of the characters.

Gmail Email Login issues to be considered when logging in

  • Always check to make sure that the Gmail username and password is correct before click on login
  • Check if the cap lock key on your keyboard is either off or on because password is case sensitive.
  • Try typing your password on notepad and copy and paste it on the password feed. To be sure it’s the correct password you entered.
  • You can also change your Gmail Email Login password if none of the above solutions is not working.

Gmail Email Login Steps

  1. Using any web browser enter the url on the address bar as Make sure you enter the web address correctly.
  2. You see a box where you can enter your Email which is your Gmail email login ID and Password.
  3. After inputting theses information click on the Sign icon below in other to processed to your account.

Note: you can mark the box that says Stay signed in to always keep you Sign in so you don’t have to Sign in anytime you want to access your account with the same device.

Google Mail Account 

New account on Google mail comes with less spam, with a sharp and explanatory inbox, high storage size of 15GB, fast email service, simple Gmail email login process.

This mailing service has been in use since 1st 2004 by Paul Buchheit. And in a recent record that shows that it has over 500 million active users. It was among the first online mailing service company to use the Ajax designed interface.

Which make it better than any other mailing services you can think of. Gmail app was the first to have one billion installations on Android Google play store. Some other features of the app are:

  • Group Hangout,
  • Google Hangout,
  • Voice chat,
  • Allows multiple account/Add account,
  • Customizable themes,
  • A well-built group chat,
  • Inbox tag.

Google mail account have other Google online services like Google Analytics, blogger, Google alert, Google drive, Google maps and so on.

How to Create A New Gmail Email Account 

Here are nice easy steps by step procedures on how to create Google mail new account.

  1. Go to any web browser on your mobile phone or PC.
  2. Enter the on the url on the web address bar of your browser as
  3. The home page will display on your device. Where you will be able to create a new account.
  4. Click on the option that says Create an Account
  5. An account creation form will display where you have to enter all your information.
  6. Enter your personal detail which is required. Such your name, email address, password and phone number and so on.
  7. Click on sign up button when you have filled every feed.

The next step is the phone verification. This is to verify using you mobile number. Which is mandatory to avoid robot spam set up.

After verification of phone number. Click on continue, and wait for the next action. This will pop up, ”ACCOUNT CREATED” Message and you also get a welcome mail on your inbox.

With the new account, you can be able to access all google services and product. Creating an account is also called Sign Up. This is for most users who have challenges when creating an account. This is a free process with no cost and fee.