How do I sign out of Gmail or How can I sign out from Gmail in mobile? In this article, we will be letting you know all you need to know about the Gmail Sign Out respectively. On the contrary, the Gmail Sign Out stand out to be the act of logging out your Gmail account from the device you are using. However, while you intend to sign out Google account, always note that, there is difference between add account and sign out. Adding account is when you want to add a Gmail account to the device you are using.

Gmail Sign Out - How can I logout my Google Gmail Account | Account Log out

Furthermore, Gmail stand out to be an online mail service powered by Google which helps you send and receive mails from any other email users. However, while you want to send and receive mails, you can send or receive mails from any other mail service providers which includes proton mails, AOL mail, yahoo mail, outlook mail and a lot more. We will be looking at steps on how to Sign Out Google account which will be listed below.

How to Sign Out of Google Account

However, signing out of your Gmail account will simply let you go offline out of your Gmail. However, while you are signed out of your Gmail account, anything or account that is synced to the Gmail will be paused pending the time you sign in back your Gmail account. That’s not all, when you sign out, you won’t be able to send or receive mails until you sign in back. Meanwhile, some easy steps on how to sign out your Gmail are:

  • Access your mail with a launched browser
  • In your email’s inbox, then click on the small avatar icon which is located by the top right corner of the Gmail page
  • Then another box will show with options in it

However, ignore the options in the box and then scroll down to click on the Sign out link below the Gmail page. While you click on the sign out button, you will be redirected back to the Gmail’s official login page. That’s to show you have successfully log out of your Gmail account respectively. These up listed steps are the steps on how to log out Gmail account.

How to Logout from Gmail Account through the App

However, signing out of your Gmail account through the app is also simple fast and safe. All you have to do is make sure you have the Gmail app downloaded on your mobile device. After that, then follow the easy steps on how to access the Gmail Sign Out which will be listed below:

  • Click on the Gmail app where your account is signed in
  • Then click on the profile picture
  • After that, you will all the Gmaill account you have signed into the device
  • Select the manage account option under the Gmail account you want to log out

Then finally, click on the Remove from device button. After click on it, wait for some seconds while the Gmail account removes instantly. These are the easy steps on how to logout from Gmail through the app respectively without stress.