GMass is an application mail merge plugin for Gmail and G Suite. which was formerly known as Google Apps. It allows users to send email very easy and fast. The GMass enables users to send email automation and email marketing campaigns right from your Gmail account. It also a platform that read the data live from any Google sheet and then allows users to easily schedule emails, send out mass emails automatically by monitoring the new row.

GMass - How to Set Up GMass Emails | Mail Merge for Gmail

Presently GMass service has over 60,000 users. And it mostly used by the employees that are in top companies all over the world such like, Twitter and Google. And also, GMass service is also used by the Google employees to enhance their Gmail experience. The GMas was brought into limelight because it’s a way of sending low-volume email campaigns. From inside the Gmail by using the Gmails window compose. With the compose window all you have to do is just add a button and click on it. Rather than clicking on the send button when you want to send an email campign.

Benefits of GMass Mail Merge

The GMass Mail Merge has so much benefit but I will be listing out some to enable users get the detailed benefits. Below are some of GMass Mail Merge benefit such as;

1: It has great Mail Merge Tool for all: In the process of marketing the tool brings to its marketers and small business owners is great, like other drip email tools, GMass has great features and very efficient such like;

  • Schedule Emails.
  • Personalized Name.
  • Followup Emails.
  • Personalized Company Name.
  • Social Media Integration.

 2: The best tool for email marketing– it helps in marketing application for people who know in depth of what is not and what it works. In essence if you want to drop a pen on your newsletter or email GMass is just the better choice. Such as

  • Follow up on all your email campaigns.
  • You can easily customize everything.
  • With it you can you can make personalized on all of your contacts.
  • It so amazing in documentation of GMass.

 3. Smooth Email Automation: With GMass you can be able to send 50 emails within 24 hours. Cause it makes it so easy pivot and access to maximize exposure. You can be typing an email and decided you want to send it to countless people at a time. With a personalized version cause GMasses is directly built into your Gmail.

 4 -GMass saved time when writing personalized emails: GMass made it very fast and less stress when writing one email. All you have to do is just embed the email on google sheet comment into a now personalized email. And you are good to go, it saved so much time and very accessible. When you want to do mail merges in outlook with GMas its actually very easy.

How do I Create a GMass Account.

GMass is fully inside Gmail, and with it there is nothing like external interfaces to learn. And also no password/username that you will have to memorize. All you need now Is to follow the procedure below to enable you create your own GMas account;

 1. Install the GMass chrome extension– the GMass can be installed through chrome web store or GMass website. To install from GMass website visit and click on the icon ADD GMASS TO GMAIL. And also remember that you must make use of the chrome to install it from chrome web store and click the ADD TO CHROME which button is at the top right.

2. Connect your Gmail account to GMass: On the Gmail account that you want to use GMas. When you are logging to Gmail click on any of the GMas button. And you will be asked to link your Gmail to your GMasses account. This is the part that actually grant you the access of creating your GMas account. Althought you can as well bypass the procedure of logging into the Gmail and just click on the GMas popup, or just link your Gmail account to GMas directly but just keep to your notice that you must have install the GMases extension.

 3. Items to note: there is a tendency that you have login into a different Gmail account that is yours and for instance GMass popup that dosent mean you have a GMas account on that Gmail address. All you need to do is just create one by clicking on the GMas button and follow the steps to link the new Gmail account to GMas.