Golden Boot Game Play – Facebook Golden Boot | Golden Boot 2019

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What is the facebook messenger golden boot game? Do you know? Well to be straight forward, this game is a facebook messenger game. I know personally soccer fans and lover will love this one. This is one of the best sports games on the Facebook platform. Golden Boot Game is developed by winning eleven. The game is a goal kicking competition game.

Golden Boot Game Play - Facebook Golden Boot | Golden Boot 2019

The main aim of this game is to win and earn as many points as possible by kicking balls at goals. When you successfully score a goal in this game you are awarded points. You are awarded higher points when you hit the specific points and targets in Golden Boot Game. You can play this game singly or you can play this game with your friends.

Golden Boot Game Play

You do not need much in playing Golden Boot Game. The game is fun to play and also it is self-explanatory. To play this game, you need to be a registered Facebook account holder. You also need to have the facebook messenger app downloaded and installed to your device. If you do not have these two in place you need to put them in place now. If you do not have a facebook account you can easily register for one by visiting the official Facebook account sign up page at

Once you have created your Facebook account via this page you should do well to download and install the facebook messenger app. This app can be downloaded on both Android and iOS devices. You can download this app via your Google play store and your apple play store. Once your Facebook account and the messenger app are in place you can now start playing the game.

To successfully play Golden Boot Game you will have to hit the target on the post with the ball. If you hit the target you will be awarded points and you will, therefore, progress to the next stage of the game. So start playing this game on your search for the game on the facebook messenger and tap on the play tab next to it on the search results.

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