Google Amazon – Are Amazon and Google Competitors | Google Vs Amazon

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Google Vs Amazon: there has been so much debate on these two biggest platforms Google Amazon on which is the biggest and richest. Therefore, we will be talking about the achievement of both platforms in this article. Google Amazon is the most successful online platform with a different specialty. Since the fact that Google is a search engine, most people don’t know Amazon is the largest search engine for e-commerce. Moreover, Google Amazon has been helped for users over the years and making a wave in the mind of people worldwide.

Google Amazon - Are Amazon and Google Competitors | Google Vs Amazon

Furthermore, Amazon is currently the world largest company taking over google, Microsoft, and others by market valves. However, Amazon comprises of different aspects such as clouding computing, E-commerce, Artificial intelligence, Consumer Electronics, and Digital distribution. Google in the other hands, serve a different purpose such as the Internet, Cloud computing, Computer software, Computer hardware, Artificial intelligence, and also Advertising. Learn more about the biggest or richest company in the world.

Which is the Biggest Company Between Google or Amazon? 

According to the ranking of lists of richest people in the world broadly on the aspect of their real-time assessment of wealth and assets listed by Forbes. The Owner of Amazon (founder & CEO) happens to be the number one richest man in the work Jeff Bezos with a net worth of $112 billion. While the owner of Google Sergey Brin is the number eleventh richest man with a net worth of $54.4 billion.

Just as I mentioned above, now Amazon is estimated as the largest or biggest marketing company based on market value over Google and Microsoft. At the ending trading on Monday, Amazon has a total amount of $797 billion over Microsoft which made $783 billion. Apple which has been on the race is now down to a number of $702 billion in the market value. Also, the subsidiary for Google i.e. the google parent company Alphabet surpassed apple in the trading center of $748 billion. Hence, this makes Amazon the most valuable company in the world today. Get an online broker in the United Kingdom to manage and trade your stocks for you.

Who is the World Most Valuable Brands Between Google Vs Amazon?

Currently, Amazon has taken over to become the world’s most valuable brand over other bigger brands like Google, Apple, and Microsoft according to the ranking on the global companies. The seconding leading bands are Apple and also Google taking the third place based on the BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brand ranking of 2019.

Moreover, Google and Apple have been on the board or at the top of the list for a combination of 12year whereby Google took top spot in 2018. One reason why Amazon happens to be the top is due to the selling of a variety of services which makes a phenomenal brand.