Google class is a free educational programmer that enables teachers and students go beyond the era of using papers. the Google class offered by google as a free service for schools, non-profit organization. This program makes it easier for both students and instructors to connect to even outside the classroom. The Google class app is available for both PC and mobile, so you can use whichever device to access your account and you can start your lessons. Its primary purpose is to streamline the process of sharing files between teachers and student. For this, this platform combines Google Drive, for assignment creation and distribution. Google Docs, sheets and slides are used for writing. Gmail for communication and google calendar for scheduling.

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Google class is free and has no ads, teachers can create, collect, and mark assignments with ease. Students can easily keep track of assignments. They can also attach files to assignments without much stress. Its multi- platform accessibility and cloud storage makes it dependable for online schoolwork. The interface is user friendly and spectacular. It can also be linked to your drive. Though it doesn’t have any feature for parents and guardian to see their children’s progress. This is because it was designed for those in k-12 and higher levels. Teachers can monitor students progress on activities and lessons and also provide feedback to them.

How Do I Set up Google Class on Google?

Setting up a class on Google class is quite easy. This is a quick, easy way to get students into your class. Where they can join and get educated, follow the steps below to set up a class on Google classroom.

  • Go to on the web browser
  • Click on the “+” button in the top right side of the page, then click “create class”.
  • Add information about your class.
  • Students can now start joining.
  • You can customize your google classroom, customize your google account to make it more creative and fun.

When you create your class for the first time, you will be given a default header image. Students will see this image when they click on your class to access assignments and announcements. Now that you know how to set up a class on Google class, why don’t you try one today and make it easier for your students to communicate with you through the Google class.

How Do I Use the Google Classroom For my Students?

Using the Google class for students is a good way to impact them with knowledge. In a case where a teacher or a lecturer cannot bring all his students in one classroom or arena, the google classroom makes it easier for them to do this without moving an inch. This is how to use the google classroom for students.

  • Create a Google class: in this google class students can receive their assignments and also read announcements. Login to to start.
  • Invite your students to your googleclass in order to enroll them, you can do this through an email or invitation code.
  • Set up a grading system, by setting up a grading system you can organize classwork, essays, homework or even tests. If you choose not to set a grading system, you can always use google class room course to share materials and engage your students.
  • Create quizzes for your students, you can do this to engage them, once they are done. You can also import their grades and return their grades back to them.

However, note that teachers and students need the G suite for Education accounts to use the Google classroom, if you are using Google classroom account in a school setting, you must have a G suite education account. Furthermore, G suite Education account lets schools decide which Google service their students can use and it provides additional privacy and security. Hope this article was helpful. google class action lawsuits, in order to learn more about google digital tools skills you can click hear