Google Classroom Web – How to Create a Google Classroom on Web

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At any point in time, anything may occur at school. Why don’t you keep your classes and lectures ongoing using Google classroom web? Google classroom is one of the services Google offers aside from other google services which include Google play store, Chrome, YouTube, Gmail, Google Drive, Google Meet, Google duo, and many more. Therefore, it is very necessary to have a Google account before you can access the Google classroom web to either create or join a class. Google classroom however aims at bringing teachers and students together in one platform to have comfortable learning. However, as of the year 2021, the platform was reported to have about 150 million users. And it was announced in the year 2014.

Furthermore, Google classroom web doesn’t require the use of any special application. It is accessing the Google classroom platform online using the website. Google classroom is known as an all-in-one place for learning and teaching to take place. You can use the google classroom web on any device of your choice. It is not limited to any device. You can also create a shortcut for yourself on your web browser to make it easier to access later simply by adding it to your chrome. This would however make it easier to access Google classroom web anytime you want.

Features of Google Classroom Web

The Google classroom web wasn’t just opened for the free access of teachers and students but was also created and developed with some unique features. These features have however contributed and made the platform easy and convenient for lectures to take place. So, therefore, students can have their lectures freely without meeting in person. One of the features of the google classroom web is that it enables you to receive your lectures right there in your comfort zone. While other features include;

  • Students can get invite to classrooms with a private code or with an invitation link
  • There’s a separate folder created for each class taken or had on Google classroom
  • Students can easily submit assignments for grading by the teacher
  • The Google classroom web helps saves time
  • Very easy to set up for use
  • Builds easy communication

Above all, some other Google services were integrated into it to make learning more convenient for students. These google services include; Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Forms, Google Sites, and Gmail. Also, Google calendar was later added to help with assignments due dates and also class speakers. It was also integrated to help set a schedule for the next classes and many more.

How to Create a Class on Google Classroom Web

As a teacher or a class instructor, keep your students engaged even during breaks with Google classroom web. Therefore, to do this, you have to first create a class on Google classroom. Then after which you can invite your students to join you for the lecture. To do this, here are simple steps below;

  • Visit the website
  • Locate and click on the plus sign icon
  • Tap on the create class button
  • Provide the information required of you
  • Click on the create link

Wait while your class is being created. Then after it is complete, you can now invite your students. You get to invite them with the class private code provided by Google for your students to join you. Or you can send them an invite using their already submitted email address. The class invitation is only limited to students you have personally invited or students. Also, for individual who possesses the private code.

How to Join a Class

There are different ways you can join a class on Google classroom using the online. These ways include the use of code or links sent by your teacher or instructor. And also the invitation sent to you by your teacher through your email. That is why it is very necessary to own a Gmail account to join a class on the Google classroom website. The joining step is however very easy and doesn’t require any special sign-up. However, here are simple steps below on how to join a class on Google Classroom web;

  • Visit officiak website website
  • Locate and click on the Plus icon
  • Tap on the Join class button
  • Provide your class private code sent by your teacher
  • Click on the join button to proceed into class

Directions would then be given to you by your teacher on the platform and guide you on what to do. With the Google classroom web, you can access your class anywhere to take lectures. Also, you do not need the installation of any app to access it.