Google Digital Skills – How to Become a Google Digital Skills Trainer

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What is google digital skills or how do I become a Google digital skills marketer? On the contrary, Cornell university well explains and defines digital literacy as the “ability to find, evaluate, utilize, share, and create content with the help of using information technology (IT) and the internet. However, digital garage googles skills or google skills training for Educating Certified Trainers are education professionals who help other teachers effectively incorporate technology into their classrooms. Besides, if you are an instructional technology coach or specialist this service is really meant for you but another user that does not have an idea can apply because it’s a service that teaches and also empower people.

Google Digital Skills - How to Become a Google Digital Skills Trainer

Furthermore, Becoming A Google Digital Skills Trainer has a lot of benefit you can exhaust from it. In which the services that you can benefit include training and professional growth resources, exclusive looks at new Google product launches, ability to collaborate with a community of trainers, and also Google Trainer digital badge. Besides, it’s was added a bonus for the participant to earn an income by presenting as a trainer. The interesting part of it is the applicant will be featured in Google for Education Directory. Which means some organizations and schools can contact you about leading a training.

How to Become a Google Digital Skills Trainer?

Here I will be listing out some steps in which it’s will be a guide and instruction for you.

Certified trainer course

To become a google digital skills Google trainer. Note that first have to work through the google certified trainer course in which the course features seven units with a total of 20 lessons.

Trainer Skills assessment

once you are able to complete the course Google Digital Skills training, then you are ready to take your Trainer Skills assessment. Remember this, the exam is based on the course and consist of 25 multiple choice and matching question. And the time rate is only 90 mins to complete the exam and $15 is the payment fee.

Google certified education level I and 2 exams

to get proceed you need to pass the Google Certified educator level 1 and the Google Certified Educator Level 2 Exams. And each exam will take you up to 2-3 hours to complete.

Make a trainer video

now you have to film a 3 mins video introducing yourself and showing off your google training skills. Here is how to explore the video. Your first minute should be your introduction explaining who you are and why you would like to become a Google Trainer. The rest mins should be for your teaching about the creative methods for Appling a feature of google productivities suites, android tablets, Chromebook, etc.

How to Apply for a Google Digital Skills

you can now submit all your application and must include some materials. Before the submit make sure your document and video are public.

In summary, it’s will take up to 3-5 weeks before your application will be accepted. Once you are qualified, then you are a participant of the officially Google Certified Trainer. Note that the certification doesn’t las for long, but in other to keep or maintain it you need this process.

  • Make conduct and report at least 12 coaching/ training sessions per year.
  • Share ideas and resources with the Google community of trainers.
  • Finally, resubmit your interest annually with a product update assessment.

in summary, Google Digital Skills teaches users on How to Become a Google Digital Skills Trainer and also en-power them for greater things. however education certificate also applies after completing your training.