Google My Business – Get Listed On Google For Free

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Google which stands out to be one of the best multinational technology companies in the world, has been providing business owners across the world with a wide variety of services. These services have been able to help businesses promote their products and services, reach more customers, and generate more revenue.

Amongst these services is Google My Business. With a Google My Business Account, you can showcase your businesses to the world. Thereby, you get to reach more customers, drive more traffic to your websites, and generate more revenue.

You can also create your own unique and outstanding Business Profile with a Google My Business Account. But before we proceed further, it is important to know what Google My Business is.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a free tool that has been designed to help business owners and brands connect with customers searching for services or products on Google Searches and Maps. It is the best free business listing that can help you optimize and showcase your businesses.

Creating an account makes it easier for customers to discover, learn about, and contact your business. You don’t need to pay a dime to access your account.

It opens your business to a world full of opportunities for free. Interact and engage with your customers, read and check reviews, message them, list your services and products, plus your resumption and closing hours. You can access this platform via its website or mobile app for Android and iOS users.

Why you need a Google Business Account

If you have a business and don’t feel the need to open a Google Business account, Then you are missing out. You need a Google My account to sign up for so many reasons.

You need it to keep your customers informed. Make sure that when someone searches for your business, they find real information directly from the source. You also need it to boost consumer confidence. When your customers can trust you, they are more likely to patronize you. Here are the reasons why you need a Business account;

  • Once you have signed up, you can interact with customers and post photos of your business and the products and services you offer.
  • You can also collect and respond to reviews from customers. This will help you create a relationship with your customers.
  • You can also maintain accurate information about your business online. You can tell us your business hours, your website if you have any, your phone number, and your location. This information is very important if you want to grow.

Finally, it can improve how your business appears online so that new customers can find you. You can do this by directing your customers to your website. My business sign-up benefit is that it can help people find you no matter your location.

Is It Free?

Yes!!! Google My Business is free to use, and it is also free to sign up for an account. No Payment is required to access the Services. You can sign up for an account and also list your products and services on Google My Business anytime and any day.

It also allows you to connect with both new and existing customers without hassle. Meanwhile, it is the easiest way to engage your customers by knowing their thoughts about your products and services.

If you don’t have a Business profile, you can create your own unique and outstanding business profile at no cost. If you already have a business profile, it allows you to manage businesses through Google Search and Maps. Thereby, you can start reaching more customers and generating more revenue.

How To Create a Google My Business Account

Meanwhile, you cannot access Google My Business Services without creating an account with the Platform. You will need to register your business on the site to be able to access all its services. As mentioned, it is free to set up an account. Here are the steps and guidelines to follow;

  • Open your Device’s web browser
  • Visit the official website of Google My Business
  • Or Download and install the App
  • Click on MANAGE NOW
  • Login to your Google Account or create a Google account if you don’t have one
  • Click on Add
  • Enter your Business Name and Select the Category
  • Tap on NEXT
  • Choose YES, to add your location and NO, if you don’t want to add your Business Location
  • If you have selected YES, try to position your Business Location on the Map
  • Then, add your Contact Information

To complete the signup, tap on YES to receive updates and Notification and then click on finish. Hence, you can start creating your Business Profile by uploading Photos of your Products, Services, and more.

How to Log In

Already have a Google My Business Account, you can simply log in to your account to access its services. You can sign in to your account via the mobile app or website. To log in to your account, you will need to enter the Google account associated with your Account. Below are the steps and guidelines to follow;

  • Visit the official website
  • Log in to the Google Account connected to your Business Account
  • If you are already logged in
  • Enter the name of your Business in the Search Box
  • Once you have found your Business, click on it
  • This takes you to another page
  • Now, click on Manage Now

After clicking on Manage Now, follow the rest of the on-screen instructions to successfully sign in to your Google My Business Account. Once you have logged in to your account, you can now manage your business by replying to reviews, updating your Business Information, and a lot more.