Google Nest Doorbell – Features & How it Works

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Do you need a doorbell for your home but are not sure of which to get? If yes, I have a suggestion for you. Google Nest Doorbell is a smart type of doorbell that comes with different unique features. However, it is no doubt that one of the importance of a doorbell is to notify occupants in a building when a visitor is around. For this reason, we want to get doorbells for our homes.

Google Nest Doorbell - Features & How it Works

However, when choosing a doorbell for purchase most times we love to go for the best. That is why I have recommended the Google nest doorbell a doorbell with nice features with which you can even see who is at your door in full compared to several other doorbells out there for purchase. What’s more? Read further to find out.

What is Google Nest Doorbell?

Google nest doorbell is a special smart doorbell. It comes with different features and abilities. In 2018, this doorbell was made and released to the public. But due to its high price tag, it had a very little audience. However, presently, the Google nest doorbell has provided a solution to that issue. On a short note, this doorbell is a smart home entry device. It can be placed outside the house just like every other doorbell but it has more to offer.

How Does Google Nest Doorbell Work?

In different amazing ways, this doorbell works. After unboxing your new Google nest doorbell and installing it outside your house, you begin to enjoy all it has to offer. The Google nest doorbell comes with not just a bell but a camera that shows you in full who is here to visit. Through the nest doorbell app, you can monitor how makes use of your doorbell and also, gain access to the camera. However, to a lot of people, it is recorded to be a better way to stay safe.

Google Nest Doorbell Features

Different features make up this Google nest doorbell. Before you purchase this doorbell, you need to know its features. This is because it tells you how good the doorbell you want to purchase is. However, here are some of the features of the Google Nest Doorbell below;

  • It works with Wi-Fi.
  • Google assistance harmonious.
  • 2 x Li-Ion batteries.
  • It makes use of a wireless router.
  • Outdoor fitting.
  • Available temperature sensor.
  • Comes with an app.
  • Waterproof.
  • Both audio and video controls come with it.

There are many other features but here are just a few that are given. However, if you want to discover other features, you can proceed to purchase your own to use, discover more, and enjoy all the features this device has to offer.

How to Install Google Nest Doorbell

After you have purchased and unboxed the Google nest doorbell package, you need to learn how to install it. Google has created a better and faster way to install this device. Without installing the doorbell, you cannot make use of it. Also, if the proper steps are not followed, you wouldn’t be able to use them. However, before following up on the given steps, you need to ensure that you are connected to the internet and the app is already downloaded. With that, here are the steps you should follow below to install your doorbell;

Check That You Have Everything Needed for the Installation.

Confirm that the below equipment is present in your Google nest doorbell box.

  • Wedge.
  • Screws.
  • Spacers.
  • Wall plate.
  • USB-C to USB- charging cable.
  • Wire extenders.
  • Unlock tool.
  • Nest doorbell (battery).
  • Wall anchors.

The wedge is very important to be a part of the given tools because it is that tool that helps in adjusting the doorbell camera angle if it’s needed. Up to 20 degrees, the wedge can change the angle of your doorbell horizontally.

Tools Needed For Installation:

  • Power drill.
    • 3/32 in (2mm) drill bit.
    • phillips drill bit.
    • ¼ in (6.5 mm) drill bit.
  • Phillips screwdriver.
  • Bubble level.

App and Internet Requirements:

  • Wi-Fi network, name, and password you know.
  • Ensure you have the Google Home app on your device.
  • Homechoice internet connection having 2Mbps at least.
  • A harmonious phone to connect to Wi-Fi while using the Google home page.

Use a Google Home or Nest Speaker or Display

 Your Google nest doorbell cannot make use of the same chime as your home’s doorbell chime. Because of this, you need to connect to a Google speaker or display and then set up visitor announcements. By doing this, each time a visitor is around, you get notified.

Charge the Doorbell Before Installation.

With the use of the USB cord in the package, charge the doorbell till it’s fully charged. This aids a wire-free installation. As you carry on the setup, leave it plugged in so it can attach to the Wi-Fi network and app. if your doorbell is charging, the status light will turn to pulse white and once it is done, a solid white will display.

Connect the Doorbell to the App Using the QR Code.

Using the steps below, connect the app to the doorbell.

  • Download the Google homepage app if you haven’t.
  • Log in to the app using your Google account information.
  • From the home screen, select Add a device or tap the icon.
  • Select Set up device.
  • Click on a new device.
  • Decide and tap the home you want to add to your doorbell or tap Add another home to create a new one.
  • Now, click next.
  • The app will locate any nearby device.
  • Select your next doorbell battery as the device you want to set up.
  • Make use of the camera of your Smartphone to scan the QR code at the button on the back of your doorbell. Or click on continue to enter the numbers below the QR code.
  • Follow up on the step-by-step guide given by the app to install the doorbell.

Troubleshoot if Needed.

While setting up, the app allows you to connect the doorbell to Wi-Fi, check the quality of the video, personalize settings and so much more.

Through these steps, you have officially installed the Google nest doorbell in your home. There will be no issues as long as you follow up on all the necessary steps carefully.

Google Homepage App

As previously stated, you need to download the Google homepage app to install the Google nest doorbell in your home. Without the app, the installation process might not work. However, right from the Google play store or the Apple app store, you can locate this app, click on it and then install the app. when that is done, you can install the Google nest doorbell to use in your Home.