If you so much love reading books and you probably don’t have enough time to do so due to your busy scheduled. Then you should try out Audiobook and ebooks as you can listen to your favorite books being read out to you. Now I know the question on your mind is where can you read, download and listen to eBooks and Audiobooks? There are quite a number of platforms where you can get your desired Audiobooks and eBooks but I suggest you try out the Google Play Books. Google Play Books is a platform operated by Google which allows you to download, read and listen to eBooks and audiobooks that users have purchased on Google play.

Google Play Books - How do I Access, Buy & Download Google eBookstore App

The Google Play Books can be accessed on any of your operating systems whether mobile or Desktops. You can download, read and listen to audiobooks and eBooks from Google play Books on your android, iPhone or iPad and your windows software’s. You will find millions of books to choose from because there are different genres and categories of books. Google Play has vast collection of books for everyone both Adults and children.  You can even read and download offline the bestselling, newly released comics, textbooks and audiobooks.

Google Play Books App

Google Play also has a mobile App for all android users and iOS users which can be downloaded from the Google play store and App store. You can only access Google play Book services through your pc web browser through the Google Play Books web site. The Google Play App for android users and iOS Users is completely free to download on your device from the play store. You get to preview free sample from the catalog of millions of books. It allows you to search for your favorite books and also read them online. You can visit your Google Play or App store today in order to download the App into your android application.

Google Play Ebooks and Audiobooks Genres

Google Play Books like I earlier mentioned, has millions of ebooks and audiobooks for all its users. These books are however categorized in different Genres which enables users to quickly find the right book. Each category is filled with series of interesting and exciting books to buy, download and listen to.  Below are some of the genres of eBooks and audiobooks you can find on the Google Play Books;

  • Arts and Entertainment
  • Biographies and memoirs
  • Books in Spanish
  • Business and Investing
  • Children’s Audiobook
  • Computer and Technology
  • Fiction and Literature
  • Health, Mind and Body
  • Law
  • Romance
  • Politic and Current Events
  • Religion and Spirituality
  • Parenting and Families  
  • Education

The Uplisted are only a few out of the many genres of eBooks and Audiobooks you can sort or browse books from the Google Play Books. There are even collections of Books from comics and some of the books to find under this category includes, General, Crime and mystery, Horror, Manga, superheroes and a lot more. Also, you will find books under the children’s category and they include, Education, Ages up to 5, Growing Up and many more.

Top Free Books on Google Play Books

Aside from subscribing to get to read, download and listen to your Favorite eBooks and Audiobooks on Google Play Book. You will also find thousands of free books to read on the Platforms. Below are some of the Top free books you can easily read on Google Play Books;

  •  Left to Run
  • The Raven
  • Rogue Gentleman
  • Road to Freedom
  • Fixed on You
  • Baby Mine
  • Ayesha
  • Why men and women can’t be friends
  • Positive mental Attitude
  • Ruthless Wars
  • War and Peace and many more

How to Buy and Read eBooks on Google Play Books

You can use Google play Books to download and read your favorite eBooks on more than one of your devices.  However, we will be showing steps on how to buy and read eBooks on Google play eBooks on your computer, android and iPhone devices. Follow the steps below;

How to Buy Ebooks from Google Play on your Computer

  •  On your computer open the Google Play Books
  • Tap on shop and search for the eBook you will like to read
  • Click on the eBook and scroll down to check the details such as which device you can read the eBook
  • At the top, tap on the price
  • Select your payment method and tap Buy eBook
  • Note; not all Ebooks offer more than one viewing option so depending on the eBook you can view the eBook as;
  • Original page or flowing text
  • Now open the eBook and start reading you can change the text or size while reading

For Android users

  • Download the Google Play Books on your android device
  • Open the Google play Books
  • Search for the eBook you will like to read
  • Choose an eBook and tap on price
  • Depending on the book you can read a sample, tap on free sample for this
  • Select a view option either flowing texts or original pages depending on the eBook
  • Open the eBook and start reading

For iPhone or iPad Users

  • Open your device web browser
  • Visit the official website of Google Play Books
  • Sign in to your google account as the one your Google paly books app
  • Search for an eBook
  • To download the eBook, click on price and buy the eBook

You can also read a sample and tap to read free sample. Now you can open the eBook and start reading it using the Google Play App on your iPhone.

How to Buy and Download Audiobooks from Google Play Books

You can also buy Audiobook from the Google Play eBooks and you will find quite a number of nice audiobooks on the platform. Meanwhile to download the audiobook on your computer, android and iOS devices follow the steps below;

How to Buy and Download Audiobooks on your Computer

  • On your computer, open the Google paly Books
  • Click shop and search for audiobooks to buy
  • Tap on the cover image to learn more about the Audiobook
  • To download the audiobook, click the price and buy the Audiobook
  • In order to listen to a sample tap on Play sample
  • Then, click on my books and open the audiobook and play it

For Android Users

  • Open the Google Play Books app on your device
  • Tap shop and search for an audiobook
  • Click on the cover image to learn more about the book
  • Tap on the Price and buy the Audiobook
  • Click on your library
  • And open the Audiobook by clicking on play

For iPhone or iPad Users

  • Open your device web browser
  •  Go to the official website of the Google play Books
  • Login to your Google account as the one on your Google play Books app
  • Search for an audiobook
  • Click on the cover image to learn more about it

Finally, to download the audiobook tap on price and purchase the audiobook and to listen to a free sample tap on play sample.  In order to listen to the audiobook, tap on your library using the Google play Books app on your device and click on the Audiobook to start playing it.