Google Search Console – How to use Google Search Console

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Google search console is also known as Google webmaster tools. This is one of the best tools for users who own a blog or website because it helps search engines to index your website and make it visible on Google search results. This is a free service offered by Google for webmasters. Read this article to learn about the innovative approach to Google tools.

Google Search Console - How to use Google Search Console

Previously Google search console was formerly known as Google webmaster tools. It was later rebranded on May 20, 2015, as a Google search console. As stated by an expert digital agency, when it comes to search engines. Google is the number one leading search engine in the world with billions of users constantly making a search on the web platform. Click here to find more information on how your website can be number one on Google search results.

How to Create Google search console account

Creating a Google search console account is very easy. Google has made it possible that every user who has a Gmail account can access all Google services. This is the one account to all Google service policies. So if you don’t have a Gmail account you can sign up for a Gmail account it’s free fast and easy.

  1. Launch your web browser and locate the address bar for url.
  2. Enter the web address as in the web address bar of your browser.
  3. You can login with your Gmail account login details or click on the create account icon below if you don’t have a Gmail account.

Once you have signed up for an account on the Google search console platform. User is required to set up his account by adding a website and sitemap on the Google search console.

How to Use Google Search Console

Google search console helps to inform google search engine about your website and a particular web page. This is one of the best tools that helps in building organic traffic to a particular website. Fresh web design options for attorneys are among such effective tools.

  • Services Offered by Google Search Console
  • This is an online platform that helps search engine index a particular website and web page. This is a free service open to all users who has a Gmail account. There lots more for users on this platform below are some features of Google search console.
  • It uses the sitemap of your website to get information about your website.
  • Helps to correct all frequency of indexing.
  • File roots.txt file can be created and tested as well.
  • A user can see all errors that Google search console robot encounter and also how indexing activities are done on your website.
  • Users can access other resources like structure data testing tools, Pagespeed insights, custom search, Google Domains, and lots more.

Google Search Console Login

In other, for users to access this portal after he or her most have completed the signup process. The user has to make use of the Google search console login process. These are the login steps below.

  1. Launch your web browser and enter the url in the address bar section as
  2. At the top right section clicks on the sign in icon.
  3. If you have already login to your Gmail account you we be automatically logged in.
  4. You can enter your Gmail email address and password in the login box.
  5. Click on the sign in icon to login to your account.

Login into this platform gives users to access all the available webmaster resources. Users can always login in other to get access to submit URL to Google search engine.

Users can inform Google about their website and all the available category, page, post, and post tag on his or her website. This is done by submitting a sitemap on Google search console platform.

How to submit sitemap on Google search console platform

  1. Launch your web browser and enter the in the web address bar section of your browser.
  2. Make sure you have added your website and also completed the verification process.
  3. Click on crawl at the left window and click on site map.
  4. Click on add site map at the top right section and enter the sitemap link without you website url before clicking on the submit icon.

There are lots more for users on this platform. Users can click on fetch as Google icon on the left window under crawl. This is where users submit url to Google to render.