Gosund Smart Plug – How to Connect You Gosund Smart Plug

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Have you heard about Gosund smart plug oh you have not heard about it, it is not a problem now because you are reading the perfect and right article to know more on this smart home, a smart plug, switch, and bulb? How to connect, is it good, what can Gosund smart plug do and so many things new things to learn and do. It is the leading smart home products company and it is recommended by millions of people all over the world.

Gosund smart plugs can be said to be the easiest way of making your home smart which you will simply plug into the wall and plug your device into it. It works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa to transport essential smart devices at a low price. Once you get to install this smart plug it helps you decrease your electricity bill. You can however control the connected devices with your mobile device app. The Gosund allows you to add as many smart plugs as you will like to keep an eye on the multiple electrical appliances no matter the place.

How To Connect Your Gosund Smart Plug

You can connect your smart plug on your apple or android very fast and easily. The following are ways you can connect your Gosund smart plug.

  • Launch your Google or app store
  • Search for the Gosund app and click on download
  • Plug your Gosund smart plug into a socket and make sure the light is blinking fast
  • Follow the instructions in the app and add the plug to the Gosund account
  • Know that the plug will only work with 2.4 GHz wifi networks

After all this, you can now connect your appliance to the Gosund app and enjoy your smart home. And if you have a problem during the set up don’t worry the reset is very simple.

How To It To Alexa

You can connect the Gosund to the Alexa after you have finished downloading the Alexa app. The following are key tips on how you can connect the Gosund to the Alexa.

  • Firstly install the alexa app
  • Choose the menu icon at the left corner
  • Select skills and games
  • Tap on the search bar at the right corner and type Gosund
  • Select enable
  • Go back to the home page, select devices then plugs
  • Choose the name of your plug

Then you are all set after all these processes are done completely.


Adding Gosund to your home will help you stay connected, even while you are not there. Controlling the Gosund smart products with your voice gives you more freedom. You can tell it to turn and off your devices, set times or schedules, change color, reduce or increase brightness, light bulbs, light strips, and also the color temperature.