However, these days, people have been asking questions about What is Google Hangout App OR What is Hangout app used for? and is it safe to use. Relax, as we will be letting you know all the necessary things you need to know about the Hangout App respectively. On the contrary, Google Hangout App help to keep in touch with people or a group. in which is Available on mobile or on desktop to start making video or voice calls with added friends. Besides, it’s also same as google gmail Hangout. whereby, users need to have a gmail account before accessing the Hangouts App on mobile. In shorts, Hangouts is an official Google application with the objective to facilitate direct and immediate communication between two users. in which The application replaces the venerable called “Google Talk”.

Hangout App - Download Google Hangouts for Mobile | Google Hangouts

Furthermore, the Google chat which is also known as the Google online Hangout stand out to be the interesting feature of Gmail which lets you chat with other Gmail users. However, with this Google Hangouts app, you get to send and receive messages instantly without needing to compose a mail before you can send a message. Meanwhile, this Hangout feature is so interesting that, you get to send images, pictures and you also get to do video calls and phone calls. However, we will be letting you know hot to download the Hangout which will be listed in this article.

How to Download Hangouts App On Mobile

Although, the Google Hangout chat feature is part of the Gmail’s feature but you can’t access the Hangout feature through the Gmail app. So, in this case, you need to download the Hangout app differently. Meanwhile, downloading the Hangout is very easy and fast as some easy steps on how to download the Hangout app will be listed below:

  • However, you need to get your mobile device launched first
  • Then open your device app store/ Play Store
  • On the app store homepage, you might see the hangout app in list of apps that will be shown on the homepage and you might not
  • If you see it click on it and you will be taken to the download page
  • But if in any case you don’t see it in the app store homepage, then click on the search engine

Then enter the name which is “Hangout”. Then click on the search icon beside the search engine to search for the Hangout app. Meanwhile, click on the app after the result displays and you will be taken to the download page where you get to click on the “Install” button before the Hang out app can be successfully downloaded on your mobile device. These are the easy steps on how to download the Google chat app which is also Hangout.

How do I Access My Hangout App

However, if you don’t have gmail hangout account which is also the same as a Gmail account, you can’t use the Hangout app in the sense that you have to create a Google Gmail account first before you can access the Hangout. Meanwhile, create a Gmail account using the Gmail app or their online website then go back to hangout to access your account in it. However, while you want to access your Hangout account, all you have to do is, tap on the Hangouts app, it will open, then click on the option button by the top left of the Hangout. Then the Gmail accounts that are on that device will appear, click on the account you want to access on hangout. Then you can now start sending messages.