Hinge stands out to be a dating App that has been designed to be deleted. Unlike other dating sites, Hinge is a dating platform for people who will like to get off dating apps. In our world today, single men and women are so busy matching and they are not actually connecting in person. Match Making is absolutely great but what matter most is to be able to connect with your match in person so as to be able to build a mutual relationship with them.  And this is why Hinge was designed, the dating site allows you to connect more with your match in person rather than simply match making alone.

Hinge - Create a Hinge Dating Profile App Account | Hinge Download Apk

Hinge enables all single men and women to quickly learn their type. The dating platform will only introduce you to best people for you. You also get to know more about your match personality and interest. For instance, you will get to know their personal information and potential dates though their answers to prompt. It is absolutely free to make use of the Hinge dating App and you can sign up for a membership account without paying a dime.

However, if you need more additional features like seeing who like you and a lot more, you will need to be a paid preferred member. Hinge subscription plan is very affordable compare to other similar dating apps. You can sign up for 1-, 3- or 6-months plan and its prices are 9.99 USD,6.99 USD and 4.99 USD.

What Makes Hinge Stand Out?

Hinge dating App like I earlier mentioned is a dating app designed to be deleted. The dating App comes with several amazing features which will enable you to meet and connect with the right person. Hinge is one of the first Mobile dating app mentioned in the New York Times wedding. It is also one of the fastest growing dating apps in the US, UK, Canada and Australia. Hinge has many users from several part of the world. They are focus in helping singles to find real, meaningful connection without any hassle or stress.

Furthermore, Hinge provides you with a safe and secure dating environment free from abuse, harassment or threats. They don’t even encourage racism, sexism or any kind of bigotry. Anyone one engaging in such will be automatically banned from using the website. And so, it is a safe platform to use in order to find real connection. However, its service is not available in all the countries of the world, it is only available in certain countries.

Why is the Hinge Dating App Designed to be Deleted?

As you known the Logo or should I say slogan of Hings is the dating app to be deleted. This is because Hinge has been built with variety of great profile features. They have also branded their app to help single connect in person with the goal of helping find a long-term relationship. Hinge wants their member to delete the app once they find a date that they really connect with. They believe real connection matters and so they work to help you achieve it. Also, they don’t want you to spend too much time on their app.

How to Download the Hinge App

The Hinge App is available for both android and iOS users. Presently, there is no Hinge Desktop app and you can not access Hinge on your web browser. You can only use and sign up an account with the dating platform via its mobile app. It is completely free to download the app into your mobile operating systems and below are the steps to follow;

  • From your device home screen, tap to open your Google or App store
  • Search for the Hinge dating app
  • You will be provided with a list of options
  • Tap on the app once found
  • Click on the Install or Get Button

Finally, once the app has been downloaded, proceed to launch and open the App. Now, you can check out the next process below in order to sign up an account with Hinge.

How to Sign Up an Account with Hinge

Creating your own Hinge account is absolutely free and you can use some of its basic features for free. However, it signs up process is considerably longer than most dating apps. This is because the dating app was created to match make people looking for a serious relationship. And that is why the sign-up process is guided by a step-by-step procedure. You can create an account using your Facebook or Mobile Number. However, all users will need to verify their account with a mobile number so as to ensure safety and security of your account. Also, you must be 18 years and above before you can create an account with Hinge. Follow the steps below to create a Hinge dating account;

How to Create a Account with Phone Number

  • Download the Hinge App into your android or iOS device
  • Open the App and tap on Phone Number
  • Enter all the necessary information
  • Allow Hinge access to all your required permission
  • Finally, start meeting great people

How to Sign Up an account with Hinge with Facebook

  • Download the Hinge dating app on your smartphone
  • Open the App and select sign up with Facebook
  • Login to your Facebook account
  • Verify your Phone Number
  • Allow Hinge access to all required permissions
  • Finally, start meeting great people

There you have it. Those are the simple and easy steps to create your own Hinge account using either Facebook or your mobile number. Meanwhile, make sure create an attractive Profile while signing up an account with site. An attractive profile will help you to make and connect with real people faster on Hinge.  Note that, the site organizes this information in three categories which are virtues, My vital and My vice.