His Dark Materials – How to Stream His Dark Materials

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Are you a lover of Mystery, Fantasy Television, and Adventure Fiction put together? If yes, then I’ve got a movie with that combination for you. His Dark Materials is a fantasy drama Tv series which is based on a novel series of the same name by Philip Pullman. The series had its first eight episodes premiered in November in the year 2019 on BBC One in the UK and also on HBO in the US and other markets. It also had its second seven episodes premiered in November in the year 2020 in the UK and also in the US.

His Dark Materials is set in a multi-world reality including its action moving from one world to another. The series is however based on Philip Pullman’s trilogy of the same name (his dark materials).  The movie is based on a young girl who is destined to free her world from the captivity of the magisterium which represses people’s ties to magic and their animal spirits known as daemons. The movie is said to have released two seasons and season 3 which would be coming would be the final season.

The Plot of His Dark Materials

The series begins with an alternative world where all souls of human works as animal companions called daemons. Then it follows the life of a girl called Lyra who is an orphan but living with the students at Jordan College Oxford in a world ruled by the magisterium who is a religious and political body. Soon, Lyra discovered a very dangerous secret that involves Lord Asriel and Marisa Coulter about a prophecy that she would change the world. While in search of her missing friend Roger, Lyra discovered a series of kidnappings and how its links to a mysterious substance known as dust which led her on a journey of epic proportions and other worlds. The witch’s prophesy also links Lyra’s destiny to will who is also being pursued by some mysterious figures who connect to his father who vanished some time ago.

Under What Genre Is His Dark Materials?

His Dark Materials consist of three different genres put together. These genres include; Fantasy television, Mystery, and Adventure Fiction.

Is His Dark Material Worth Watching?

For me, yes! It is worth watching. Even taking a look at the plot, you can see it is worth watching. It has so many things that make it worth the watch. Although, people who have not read the book might find it less engaging. But no doubt, it has a dazzling cast and epic settings which have all the makings of a great fantasy story.

Where Are You How to Stream His Dark Material?

There are so many platforms where you can stream this movie. One of which is HBO. But the movie is not available for you to stream on Netflix. Therefore, aside from Netflix, there are so many other platforms where you can stream His Dark Material. They include; Amazon Prime, HBO Max, Showmax, and any other movies platform of your choice.

To stream is however very easy. If you are using any of the above-mentioned all you just have to do is visit the platform via the app or the website. Sign yourself into an account and subscribe. Then log in to your account, locate the movie using the search engine. Click on the movie, and tap on the play button. Then you can now enjoy your movie. Although some platform enables you to watch for free with the free trial it offers.