Hoopla – How to Borrow eBook And Comics Online

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One of the best free digital media streaming services that allow you to borrow eBooks, Audiobooks, Comics, Music, and Movies across all your Mobile, Desktop, and TV devices is Hoopla. This platform is one of the leading and groundbreaking digital services. It contains loads of best-selling novels, blockbuster movies, and many other entertaining contents. Hoopla is free to use anytime and anywhere and across all your operating software. But you will need your US or Canada Public Library Card. This is because the service is free of charge for patrons of participating libraries that offer its service in the US and Canada.

With Hoopla and a valid Library card, Patrons can instantly borrow, stream and download exclusive and Mind-blowing Content. the content includes Audiobook, Comics, Music, Movies, and Series without paying a dime.  These contents can be streamed and downloaded on your computer, android, Apple Roku, Amazon Fire, or Chromecast device. Hoopla offers more than a thousand titles that can be accessed on your Phones or tablets for offline enjoyment.  Aside from titles, the service has a vast collection of media. It consists of music, videos, TV Shows, documentaries, Instructional and Educational Videos, and audiobook for everyone. You will never get bored with Hoopla as you will always find informative and entertaining content on the site.

Kind of Content Hoopla Has And How Long Can I Borrow Items?

As mentioned earlier, Hoopla offers its users several amazing, exclusive, and informative content. It is available for both young and old adults. You get to watch, download and borrow Movie including featured films, documentaries, and children’s movies. It also has a large collection of Music ranging from different Music genres.

Additionally, Hoopla offers you free access to audiobooks, comics, eBooks, and novels for both teens and adults.  You can borrow television and Movies for up to 3 days. Music for 7 days while you get to borrow comics and graphic novels on the site for 21 days.

How to Get Started With Hoopla

To get started with Hoopla, you will need a Smartphone, computer, or TV with streaming capabilities. You will also need an email address and password, a Library card number.  It is entirely impossible to sign Up for Hoopla without a valid Library card. So get a card from a Library that offers the Hoopla services. Meanwhile, you can register with the service via the mobile app or through your device’s web browser. Here are the steps and guidelines to follow to get started with the service;

  • Open any of your device web browser and visit the official website of Hoopla.com
  • Or download the Hoopla from your Google Play or App store
  • Click on the Get started icon
  • Enter your active email address
  • Confirm your email address by reentering it
  • Create a strong and secure Password
  • Confirm your password
  • Click on Agree to proceed to the next stage of the registration
  • Select your Library from the from the list or search by zip code and click on NEXT
  • Add your Library card Number and Library Pin
  • Agree to the Hoopla Terms and Condition and click on Sign Me Up to complete the sign-Up process

Note that; if you don’t have a Library card number; you can locate the Don’t have Library card icon and follow the prompts to create one. Once you have signed up with the service and your Library card has been connected, information containing how your account works will be displayed on your screen.

How to Login

For users who already have an account with Hoopla. You can sign in to your account anytime and anywhere to access its content. However, you will need your correct login credentials to successfully access your account. Here are the steps and guidelines to follow to login into the service;

  • Open your device web browser and visit the official website of Hoopla
  • Or download and Install the Mobile app on your android or iOS device
  • Locate the Log in button and click on it
  • Enter your email address and Password
  • Then, click on the Log in button below the page

If your login credentials are correct, you will be able to access your Hoopla account. Also, you will gain access to its content. Additionally, You can save yourself the stress of entering your password and email address the next time you wish to sign in. Just click on the “Remember me” icon. Then that’s all.

Is Hoopla Worth it?

Yes, Hoopla is worth it for every Movie, Music, audiobook, and Comics lover. Besides, the service is free to use once you have your Valid Library card. Note that, with the card, you don’t need to pay a dime. You can access and use the service on your Mobile, Desktop, and TV applications. Hoopla is safe and legal to use by everyone.

The platform now offers a Kid Mode setting. This setting enables a parent to control their young adult access to the service. In conclusion, Hoopla is worth it. And you need to check it out by signing Up for a free account with the service using your Public Library card.