is a commercial establishment offering temporary accommodation to travelers and sometimes to permanent residents, some have restaurants, meeting rooms, and stores etc that are available to the general public. If you are stuck somewhere and can’t reach your destination that particular time, the hotel serves as a means to get an accommodation by simply going to the nearest hotel vicinity close to you at that moment. – Cheap Reservation Discount Rates & Hotel Deals

They are commercially run establishment providing accommodation and meals for guests and often contains a public bar. A lot of people have been in situations that they want to go for holidays outside the country but don’t have where to stay and they just stay back. - Cheap Hotels & Hotel Benefit Deals | Hotels Sign Up came up with a beautiful idea to help people get somewhere to stay for holidays honeymoon and so on. You can lounge in any hotel of your choice with the help of when you login to their website. This is an online web platform that gives users an idea on hotels closer to them. Visiting the web portal gives you access to thousands of hotels, deals, and review.

How to Sign Up to

Users don’t have to pay any sign up fee in other the setup account. This is just web platform where you can browse through thousands of hotel deals and read reviews before booking.

  • Enter in the URL space on your web browser either mobile phone or PC.
  • Click on the sign in & account icon on the right-hand side of the website.
  • From the drop down menu click on sign up underneath the sign in icon.
  • Enter your accessible email address in which you want to sign up with.
  • Enter your password, first name, last name in the appropriate section.
  • Click on the create account.

Signing up for an account gives you full access to the platform. Users can access all service on such as access to booking a room when they complete the sign up process. You can also signup with your face book account to make it easier.

Hotel Booking |

You have to book a room before you can have access to their special rewards. for every customer.  Follow the following procedures on hotel Booking or how to make a reservation. You can make use of the hotel finder section to search for the closest one to you.

  • Visit web platform on your pc or mobile device.
  • Complete the Account sign in process. After signing in.
  • Enter the address of the location you are situated in to see if there are hotels close to you.
  • Enter the date you will check in and check out from the hotel.
  • Fill the number of adults and children to be accommodated.
  • Select the number of rooms you need.
  • Click on the show deals button.
  • Select the Hotel of your choice
  • Select the room of your choice available in the hotel.
  • Click on the book icon and select your preferred choice of payment.

There are options of country, state that you can also choose for your own benefit. You can pay online with your valid credit card on will secure your payment seriously, you don’t have to worry they have a secure server which encrypts the credit card number and encode it into a none usable form.

After you have reserved a room for yourself you will be sent a notification number in your email which has to be kept well. It will be sent within 2-4 hours after the reservation is made.  Your name will appear at the hotel you booked 72 hours before your arrival date. It takes 24hours for your reservation details will get to your pc or mobile device. Be rest assured that your room reservation is secured. Reservation Features 

You can as well cancel your room reservation in case something comes up and you can’t go to that location again due to a reason, your reservation can be canceled without you paying for any cancellation fee to but the hotel in which you booked a room might charge a fee depending on when you canceled.

If  you canceled before the deadline given to you by the hotel you wouldn’t be charged but if you canceled after the deadline you will definitely be charged. That is why it is important to read every policy of any hotel you booked for in the web before you reserve a room at all. gives rewards to their users that stay 10 nights in any of their 65,000+ hotel that partners with them,  they get one night free at any of their partner hotels so it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend the extra night given to you at the same hotel you lounged but you can choose somewhere else as long as it’s available, you will be directed.The Rewards is one of the many packages available in also have a mobile app for easy access and booking to download follow this procedure:

  • Open your Google Play Store or App Store on your mobile phone.
  • Enter the key word app.
  • Click on app because several options would be provided for you.
  • Click the install button to start.

The mobile app gives you easy access to the web platform. You also see deals that are available when you visit using the mobile app. To have full access to services users has to register or signup to this platform, so as to enjoy the rewards and benefit attached to its services.