Housingiskey.com Application Portal | Requirements

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Housingiskey.com Application Portal is an online gateway for homeowners, renters, and even landlords. Furthermore, this platform is a relief program that has been set up for people who need mortgages for their homes. Now, if you have housing payments to pay up and you are not financially capable, you can get funds from this online program. So, if you are a landlord or a renter, you can apply for this COVID-19 rent relief.

Housingiskey.com Application Portal | Requirements

Moreover, if you are afraid of getting evicted, then the Housingiskey.com Application Portal is open for you. However, to apply for this relief program, you need to make sure that you are eligible and qualified. If you are, then you can proceed with your Housingiskey.com application. Besides, it is a very simple process so with the steps I will show you, you can apply for this program even as a newbie.

What Are Housingiskey.com Application Requirements?

As a renter, the requirements and the documents needed for Housingiskey.com Application are the unpaid rent or utility bills from April 1, 2020. Sometimes, they also may also request future or present rent And utility bills.

But for landlords, all they need to do is to find out if your tenant is able to pay the rent from April 1, 2020, or in the future. So, if they can not pay, then they are eligible for this rent relief program.

Other paperwork requirements for tenants include:

  • Your 2020 W2 & 1099G.
  • Your unpaid utility bills that are not older than April 1, 2020.
  • 2020 tax return.
  • Proof or evidence of participation in federal or state subsidy programs.
  • Current pay stubs.

Documents Required for landlords include:

  • W-9 Form.
  • A rent statement indicating an unpaid rent balance from April 1, 2020.
  • Rental or lease agreement.

Who Is Eligible For This Program?

If you want to find out if you are qualified for this, you will be finding out more in the section below. So, keep scrolling. Firstly, you need to be a Californian however, US citizenship is not necessary for applying.

Secondly, you need to illustrate and indicate the way the COVID-19 pandemic has affected you. And lastly, you need to upload copies of your monthly income pay slips as well.

How To Apply To Housingiskey.com Application Portal

Since you have gone through the eligibility process and found out whether or not you are qualified, the application should be next on your list. So, here are the steps you need to perform the application through the Housingiskey.com application portal either as a tenant or landlord:

  • Go to your web browser.
  • Visit https://housing.ca.gov/.
  • Once the page loads, you will find its official home page.
  • Find the CA Covid-19 Rent Relief icon.
  • Next, click on Apply Now.
  • Tap on it again.

After clicking on it again, follow the instructions and steps on the next page to complete your application and get the support you need.

Housingiskey Login

If you have already created an account and you need to access your account. It is very simple. All you have to do is to visit their official website. Once you visit their official website, you will find varieties of options available. So, find the login option. But apart from logging in, you can also do other things when you check out their official website.


How To Check Housingiskey.com Application Status

If you are searching for a way to check your application status, you can do this by placing a call at 833-430-2122. But if you want to call them, this needs to be between 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM each week.

What Is The Application Last Date?

Technically, there is no deadline or last date for the Housingiskey.com application. However, you need to be quick about your application before all the funds are given out to other applicants. So, visit their official website today and apply.

Is Housingiskey.com Available In My Country?

This Covid-19 rent relief program is available and accessible in all the states of California. In other words, if you do not reside in any part of California, you will be unable to access and apply for this program. Have you ever heard of Santa Clara County Homelessness Prevention System? It is also very similar to Housingiskey. But they assist residents of Santa Clara.