When should I use facebook business manager? Most Facebook users who make use of the platform for business purposes are always faced with this question. The truth about the whole thing is that if you have basic knowledge of what the facebook business manager is then you will know when to make use of the platform. So, therefore, to educate you on when best to make use of this platform I am going to start by telling you what it is.

When Should I Use Facebook Business Manager - Facebook Business Manager

What Is Facebook Business Manager?

This platform is more like the management hub on the facebook platform. On the platform, users can and get to easily manage all of their businesses across Facebook’s entire platform. Making use of this platform is free, just in case you are wondering.

You can make use of it to run your ads, track your ads and also manage all of your business assets such as the facebook business page and add accounts. This platform can be utilized by anyone and it is one of the best features amongst many.

Why You Need Facebook Business Manager

Normally this is a tool every business marketer should make use of. So therefore if you are not making use of it you should start making use of it now. Here are some pointers to know when you should start making use of the platform;

  • If you have a team around your business you should start making use of the facebook business manager now.
  • If you manage assets like multiple facebook and Instagram assets such as business pages and ads.
  • Lastly, if you want your business to grow. I have mentioned this earlier on this content already.

When you are in any of the situations above, know that it is the ideal time to start making use of the platform if you are not making use of it already.

How to Setup Facebook Business Manager

setting Facebook Business Manager Account is Free and Open to all users you can set up Facebook Business Manager account for Free as you don’t need to pay for setting up this account. in as much as you are a business owner and you have content to promote. In other to get started follow the process below.

  • visit business.facebook.com which is the URL
  • Click on the create account section at the top right section.
  • If you already have a facebook account you can login with your Facebook account information.

Note that if you don’t have a facebook account you will need to set up one by clicking on the create account which will enable you to setup an account. fill in all your information and hit the sign up icon once you are done.