How to Block Contacts On Whatsapp

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How to block contacts on Whatsapp? There are so many reasons why you might want to block a contact on Whatsapp. And as you might already know, when you block a contact, you won’t be able to receive calls and messages from the contact. Neither will you also be able to contact the person through messages or calls except you have unblocked the contact. Also when contact is blocked, no notification is sent to the blocked that they’ve been blocked. As there’s no direct way for the blocked contact to know that they’ve been blocked on Whatsapp.

Block contacts on Whsatsapp.

Whatsapp as we all know is a very popular messaging app that many people all over the world use to connect with each other. And the only way one can be added on Whatsapp is through mobile numbers or by scanning the number QR code. This implies that; there’s no way someone would add you on Whatsapp without your knowledge except your contact was shared. Now here comes one of the reasons you would want to block someone. The reason could be maybe your contact was shared with an unwanted person and then you want to block the person. Or maybe you suspect the person to be a fraud. Just have it in mind that blocking on Whatsapp is easy.

How to Block a Contact on Whatsapp

Blocking unwanted contact on Whatsapp is very easy and can also be reversed. Reversed in the sense that, you can unblock whoever you must have blocked on Whatsapp. If there’s that contact you want to block, here’s how to block the contact. But keep in mind that whoever you are blocking wouldn’t know you’ve blocked them. And their messages would be sent but wouldn’t be delivered to you. And lastly, you both wouldn’t be able to contact each other. But if you are on the same Whatsapp group, you might still see the person’s message except you leave the group. Here’s how to block contacts on Whatsapp below;

  • Open your Whatsapp application
  • Locate the contact you want to block
  • Open the contact’s chat
  • Click on the contact’s profile
  • Scroll down and click on the block link 
  • Confirm you want to block the user

With these steps, you have successfully blocked the contact you want to block on Whatsapp. There are other ways to block a contact. You can go through settings and add a contact to your blocked lists. If you want to unblock the contact after blocking, it is also very easy too and everything would fall back in place. As the person would be able to contact you and message you again.

How To Unblock On Whatsapp

Unblocking a contact is as easy as blocking one. However, there are different ways by which you can unblock a contact on Whatsapp. You can unblock through your Whatsapp settings; and the contact’s chat. If the contact’s number wasn’t saved, you would have to go to blocked contacts on setting and privacy. But if the contact is saved on your device, you can just navigate to the contact’s chat and tap on unblock to unblock the contact.