How to Build a Facebook Store – Facebook Business

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Do you want to know how to build a Facebook store? This is easy, but that doesn’t mean that everyone can do it. If you have done it before, good for you, but if you haven’t you need to learn how to do it. In this article, I will be giving out detailed steps on how to build a Facebook store.

How to Build a Facebook Store - Facebook Business

Reviews on the facebook store keep coming. And so far so good the reviews and reports have been great. And although the numbers are so impressive, not everybody on the facebook platform knows about it. Some people still don’t even know that they can actually shop and buy things on facebook. Also some facebook users don’t know that they can easily set up a store on facebook. If you have a business as well and you want it to be triumphant one day, then experts such as Andrew Defrancesco might be of great assistance.

If you don’t know that you can sell your products an also buy on facebook, then you should know now. You can do both buying and selling on facebook via the facebook store function and feature. Facebook is a very impressive platform. They keep coming up with innovative and inventive ways to make their customers and users happy and comfortable with the platform. Facebook has different mediums and ways through which you can sell and buy on the platform.

In facebook we have platforms like the buy and sell groups, the facebook marketplace and of course the facebook store. They are all popular. But unlike the facebook store and the facebook buy and sell groups the facebook marketplace is not yet available to all facebook users. It is only available to selected regions as the feature is still under review

What Is the Facebook Store?

For you to be able to build a facebook store you first need to know what a facebook store is. Now the facebook store is a platform or page on facebook where you can buy and sell directly to facebook users on the platform itself. Using this platform is very ideal, mostly to small businesses and entrepreneurs.

The facebook store is easy to understand. It is free to set up. You don’t have to pay a dime before you can start making use of it. You also get access to millions of potential clients and customers on the facebook platform as your products get exposed on a global level.

Steps on Building a Facebook Store

There are two ways through which one can set up  a facebook store. You can either set up your own facebook store on the facebook platform or create your own online store and integrate it with your facebook store. But in this article I am going to be showing you ways on how to set up your store on the facebook platform. To build a facebook store, follow the steps below.

  1. Click on the ‘add a section’ tab under the cover photo of your Facebook page.
  2. Click on the ‘add a shop’ tab on the next page.
  3. You will now have to start setting up your shop details on the next page.
  4. Start adding products to your store on the next page.
  5. Set up your payment methods
  6. Set up your shipping methods
  7. Finish with your shops’ settings.
  8. Lastly, manage  your store orders
  9. Click on finish.

That’s all that is required in setting up a facebook store. But just as I noted in the first step you will need a facebook page for all of this to materialize. If you do not have a facebook page you can at least be a facebook page admin

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