How To Create A Strong Password

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Creating a strong password is very important. One of the major reasons is that It protects whatever account you have from cybercriminals. There are many ways you can create a strong password. And your password depends on you and what you want it to be. But it is always advisable for you to choose a password that can’t be guessed by anyone. But can be easily remembered by you.

How to Create a Strong Password

However, a lot of us prefer to use names and words as passwords which some apps or platforms don’t allow as it isn’t strong enough. Then you start trying other passwords which might not work. Until you combine some letters, punctuation marks, and numbers you might not be able to remember later.

That is why we are here to help with how you create a strong password. And before we proceed with that, I would like you to know that creating a strong password is easy and also for your good. It is to protect your private information from being seen or taken by cybercriminals.

And we all are surely aware of the rate of cybercrimes we have today. This is however convincing enough for us to learn how to create a strong password for our social media platforms, bank apps, and so many other personally used platforms.

Create A Strong Password

There are different ways you can create a very strong password and best practices to create it would be shown to you here. So, for you not make the mistake of using an easy-to-guess password and allowing unauthorized logins into whatever account you have. You should;

Avoid the Use of Sequential Numbers or Letters

Adding a number and a letter to your password is a good idea. But isn’t when you use the numbers and letters sequentially. For example, using the letters according to the way they are arranged on your device keyboard e.g., qwerty or asdfg or zxcvb. That can be easily guessed. Or when you use numbers for your passwords like 12345, or 67890. Anybody can guess that. So, if you want to have a password that includes both numbers and alphabets, you can scatter them. That way it won’t be easy for anyone to guess it.

Don’t Add Your Birth Yeah or Date in Your Password

Because your date of birth seems special to you, it shouldn’t be used as your password. The reason is that a lot of people know your birthdate. And then if someone wants to access your account without your knowledge, the person’s mind could go to your birth date and then could access your account with that.  Even if you believe a stranger doesn’t know your date, they can easily find it on your social media account if you must have added it there while registering for your account.

Combine at Least 8 Letters, Numbers, and Symbols

Keep in mind that the longer your password and the more characters added to it, the harder it is to guess. For example, you would agree with me that a password like Fei87#gt is very difficult to guess. So, when you create a password like this, you can be sure your accounts are safe. Also, you should not use one password for all your accounts.

Avoid Reusing Your Password

For every account you own or create, you should avoid using the same passwords. The reason is if a cybercriminal can guess one of your passwords, they can have the idea of trying out the password on another of your account. And if the passwords happen to be the same. They can access another of your account and you can lose your private information on that account too.

What You Should Not Include in Your Password

There are a lot of names, words, or combinations you shouldn’t use for your password as they can easily be figured out and then your account tampered with. Here are some of what you shouldn’t use or add to your password below;

  • Your birth date or that of your family
  • Words related to your hobby, or interest
  • Your home addresses
  • Your name or family’s name
  • Your pet names
  • Your friends or partner’s name

Aside from this, there are also so many other guessable words or phrases about you. You should avoid using them as your password and see that it would help a lot.