How to Delete Apps on Amazon Fire Tablet

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How to Delete Apps on Amazon Fire Tablet – Do you own an Amazon Fire Tablet? Are you finding it difficult to delete an app you are not using? If yes, then you should read through this article as How to delete apps on Amazon fire tablet would be disclosed to you here.

How to Delete Apps on Amazon Fire Tablet

Deleting apps on the Amazon fire tablet is one thing a lot of new users find difficult to do. But the truth is deleting these apps is very easy. And that is because we are to help you with an easy guide on how to remove unwanted apps from your Amazon Fire tablet.

However, you would agree with me that unwanted apps take up space on your device, and sometimes they can also be battery-consuming. And when you are trying to get something relevant on that device it tells you to free up space. But how do you go about that? Very easy. Besides, one step is given for all the deleting of any unwanted app you wish to get rid of.

And amazingly, these deleting steps work just like deleting an app from your Smartphone or any other mobile device you use. So, how do I delete apps from my Amazon fire tablet? Get to know by reading through this article.

Why do I Need to Know How to Delete an App From my Amazon Fire Tablet?

You need to know this because it helps you get rid of unwanted apps. In a case whereby your tablet gets filled with apps you do not make use of anymore, you will need to remove them from your device. Because of this, a simple step on how to go about that would be made known to you in this article.

How to Remove/Delete Installed Apps From My Amazon Fire Tablet

There are so many ways to delete installed apps from your Amazon fire tablet. Through your tablet library or settings, you can follow up some certain steps to removing or deleting an app from your device. All you need to do is to follow the below steps on how to remove apps from the Amazon fire tablet through library and settings.

How to Remove Apps Via Library

From your Amazon fire tablet library, all the apps you have installed are indicated and shown. From there, you can uninstall whatever app you do not need anymore. So, in this section of this article, you would be shown how you can remove unwanted apps from the install list. However, this step is known to be a faster, easier, and better way to start the app deleting process from your Amazon fire tablet. Here are the steps below;

  • Visit your library just by clicking on “Library” at the right top of your screen.
  • Identify the app you want to remove.
  • Tap and hold the app you wish to remove.
  • Click on “Remove from Device”.
  • You will be redirected to the info of the app you selected.
  • Select “Uninstall”.
  • Confirm that you want to remove the app.

Your unwanted app has been removed officially from the device. By practicing this step on other apps, you can remove the app you do not need.

How to Remove Apps Via Settings

Another way to remove apps from your device is through your tablet settings. This is also very easy to carry out and fast too.  Just like accessing your settings very easily, you can remove apps following some features and similar steps. To make this easy, follow up the below steps to remove apps from Amazon tablets through settings.

  • Go to settings on your tablet.
  • Locate “Apps & Notifications.
  • Find the unwanted app you want to remove.
  • Click on it.
  • On the next app information page, select “Uninstall”.
  • Tap “Ok” to confirm uninstall.

After following the above-listed steps, you have successfully removed an app you do not want on your device anymore. These steps apply to any app you have on your device. And if after trying to remove an app you installed and it is not working with these steps, you can restart your device and then try the steps again.

Can I Uninstall Preinstalled Apps on my Amazon Fire Tablet?

A lot of devices come with preinstalled apps and so is it with the Amazon Fire Tablet. However, because most preinstalled apps on Amazon fire tablets cannot be uninstalled, you cannot get rid of them. This means that you can’t uninstall preinstalled apps on your tablet. Instead, you need to follow an alternative step. Here’s how to remove preinstalled apps on your amazon fire tablet below;

  • Tap and hold on to an unwanted preinstalled app.
  • Create a folder by dragging the app into another unwanted preinstalled app.
  • Leave it and a new folder will be created.
  • Select other preinstalled unwanted apps.
  • Move them to the folder you just created.

Practice them on other unwanted preinstalled apps and leave them in that folder. Then have fun using your device to download new apps that you would love to have on it.