How to Find Pin Codes For Kahoot – Generate Pin

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What are Pin Codes For Kahoot? Well, these are temporary special codes that show what game you want to join. Furthermore, to be able to generate this PIN, a person needs to create a live Kahoot or become a host. Moreover, you can participate in a Kahoot game through QR codes, links, or the Game PIN. Equally important, every Kahoot game PIN is unique to each game session. Moreover, you can also generate PIN Codes for Kahoot using its mobile app or official website.

Frankly speaking, PIN Codes for Kahoot is very easy to get and you will be figuring out how to do it. But I am going to need to you keep scrolling and carefully read through this article. It is also quite informative and you can share it with anyone who needs the details in it. So, scroll on to find out how to generate PIN codes for Kahoot.

PIN Codes For Kahoot

So, to get the PIN Codes for Kahoot, you need to launch it first. You can also use their official website or app. After you have done this and gotten the PIN, this is how to join a game:

  • Connect to the internet.
  • Go to or you can use its mobile app.
  • Type in the game PIN.
  • Click on Enter.
  • If a player or user identifier is turned on by the person hosting the game, enter the necessary identifier.
  • But if a friendly nickname generator is turned on by the host of the game, you can tap on Spin and select a random nickname.

If the generator is disabled, then you can type in any nickname of your preference. Now, this is how to join a game with Kahoot PIN Codes online.

How Can I Get A Pin For My Kahoot

To be able to get a PIN for your Kahoot? You need the host of the game. Furthermore, once the Kahoot is in motion, then your PIN will automatically be generated. In other words, Kahoot PIN can only be generated by the person hosting the game not participating in it. But if you are interested in playing alone, you do not need a PIN. All you need do is play the game using the Kahoot app on a single device or you can also make use of the Preview option. This will enable you to hold a live Kahoot with a mobile device.

How to Generate

If you are interested in hosting a live game, signing in to your account is very essential. After you log in to your account, tap on the Start button. So, as a game host from a live Kahoot, you can select a game mode. Therefore, you can make use of the Kahoot Settings to do this. You will then get a QR code or PIN code on your screen.

Now, your players can begin to join. After you are sure that everyone has joined, tap on the Start option. Did you know that players can also join you during the game? What’s more, the PIN will show on the bottom side of your screen.