How to Make Money on Instagram

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How to make money on Instagram – Are you a frequent user of Instagram? Do you know you can make money from using it? Yes, you can. A lot of Instagram users today have no idea that the social media platform (Instagram) can be used to make money online. While others that know about this find it so hard to use the platform to earn money. But worry less as in this article we would be providing you with the best, easy, and possible ways you can make money using your Instagram account.

How to Make Money on Instagram

To make money on Instagram, there are different things you can do. You can either be a brand influencer, an affiliate marketer, a content creator, and a lot more others to earn on Instagram. But since marketing on Instagram is quite competitive, how it can be easier for you would be shown to you in this article. But before that, you should prepare your mind that you ought to create something that would attract your followers and also bring more audience to your page. What are they? Get to know by reading through this article.

Does Instagram Pay Its Users?

Yes, the social media platform pays their users but not all. It pays majorly people with a lot of followers and a certain amount of views on their reals who are popularly known to be Instagram Influencers. However, other people who make money on IG do so through their business which is known as social media marketing and more. So, if you are thinking about earning from Instagram and wondering if you can. The answer is yes, Instagram does pay its users.

How Many Followers Do I Need on Instagram to Get Paid?

Before Instagram pays you, you need to have a certain number of followers. If you get these followers, you are sure to get paid. However, the number of followers you need is a minimum of 1,000 followers. With this number of followers, you can be paid on the social media platform Instagram.

How Much Does Instagram Pays?

Depending on what you do or what you are on Instagram, there is a certain amount of money you get paid. Also, your number of followers determines the amount of money you get to earn from Instagram. If you are an influencer on Instagram, check out the below table to know how much you can earn on the platform;

Type of influencerInstagram follower countEarning per post
Nano-influencer1,000- 10,000$10-$100
Micro-influencer10,000-50,000$100- $500
Mid-tier influencer50,000- 500,000$500- $5,000
Macro-influencer500,000- 1 million$5,000-10,000
Mega-influencer1 million+$10,000-$1 million.

5 Ways to Make Money on Instagram

There are different ways you can make money on Instagram. And in this section of this article, we would be providing you with the best ways you can make money on Instagram. And some of them include;

Get Sponsored

Creating sponsored posts is one way you can earn on Instagram. You can do this by filling your feed with nice content such as images of yourself or your pet. From there, a company can have interest in you and pay you to post a photo of them or their product.

How to Get Sponsored

To get sponsored, you need to locate companies that can help you or get you a job with brands. most times, these sponsors approach you on their own if they get interested. But in a case whereby you can’t wait for long, you can locate them yourself.

Develop Your Business

This is yet another way to make money online. On Instagram, you can create a business account. This account helps you grow your business online. By linking your product, website, and other social media platforms to your Instagram account, your business can grow as people visiting your page, could see it and then patronize you. Another thing is creating ads for your business. This step helps you not just grow your business but also get paid by Instagram.

Sell Your Castoffs

In a case whereby you do not have a business to promote, you can use this step to make money on Instagram. By taking pictures of your clothes and providing full details about the brand, size, age, and condition of the cloth online, you get to sell them too. Through this process, people can patronize you and Instagram can also pay you.

Make Live Videos

Through live videos, you can earn money on Instagram from your audience. You can spend time with your followers through a live video and also earn through that process. Through this live video, you can showcase your market, talents and so much more for your viewers to see. As a sign of support, your viewers can purchase your badges. to purchase a badge, you need to make a payment of $0.99 or $4.99. because of this, you can earn on Instagram easily.

Monetize Your Videos Using Ads

 One other way to earn money on Instagram is through ads. By allowing ads to run during your videos, you earn funds for every post. for every view, Instagram generates 55% of the revenue which you earn at the end of the day. These ads are very easy to enable and as long as you have them, you get to earn from Instagram easily.