How To Spot Fake Profile On Dating Sites

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How can I tell spot a fake profile/account on dating sites? Recently, the number of fake profiles you can find on dating sites is quite alarming. That is, there are tons of fake profiles you can find on dating websites and apps. But how do you even tell a fake account from a legit account? Worry less as we are here to help with that. As right here in this article, we would be providing you with tips that you can use to tell an account is fake on a dating site.

However, research have made it known that there are over 60% of fake/inactive profiles on dating sites and they have used this means to scam a lot of users and made millions in a year. These fake account owners, create an account and lure dating site users to sharing their personal information (credit card details) and other sensitive information with them. Then they end up scamming these people.

So, for you not to fall victim of these internet fraud while you are on dating sites with the aim of finding a relationship partner. You can check out these tips that we would be listing for you right here in this article on how to spot a fake profile on a dating site.

6 Tips on How to Spot a Fake Profile on Dating Sites

The moment we are able to tell the difference between a fake and a legit dating account. We can be saved from being scammed online. And we can also save others from being victims too. So, without further ado, here are some tips you can use to tell a fake account. On any dating site you are on.

Lack of Details

When joining a dating site, you definitely would be asked to fill a questionnaire. This is supposed to provide more information about you on your profile. This is to help other users know a little about you before adding you up. But fake profiles or fake account users on dating sites while filling this questionnaire tend to provide less information by leaving some sections. Then they give the excuse of either forgetting that part or they were too busy to.

So, if you have checked their profile and can only fin the name, age and location space filled. There are chances that account is fake. You can also check if they have linked their social media account (either their Facebook or Instagram or snapchat) to your account or attached it to their bio. This is because real account most times tend to link their social media accounts to their dating account.

They Don’t Have Enough Pictures on Their Profile

One thing you should know is if you are trying to spot a fake profile on dating sites, is that people with fake profiles hardly have enough pictures. There is a high chance that the user is hiding something if they upload only one or no photo on their profile. The profile might even be a fake one. Why that conclusion? Some internet fraudsters would try to make their account look realistic with a harmless profile picture. So, if that picture looks very perfect or has been staged. It is very easy to tell it is a fake account. Besides, Fake profiles uses headshot pictures gotten from google. Also, you can even find the photos when you check google.

They Do Not Have Many Followers/Friends

Fake dating profiles are on most occasions created for kittenfishing. Therefore, owners do not bother about making many friends of having plenty followers. However, if you want to be sure if they own a fake or a legit account, you can try looking them up on social media platforms to check if they have a good number of followers. Also, if they are following an illogical number of people and they do tag any of their friends in a post. Check out their friends and see if they also seem legit. But if they don’t then you can tell if that account is fake or not.

Ask to Chat on a Platform different From the Dating Site

They claim to not have interest in communicating on the dating site. Therefore, they suggest chatting somewhere else. So, they will use this to get your personal information that is either your email address or your phone number and get things going on another social platform.

Therefore, in order to protect yourself, you should avoid giving out your email, mobile number or your personal information to someone online. And if they ask you, you can just say no or ignore and connect with another profile that seems legit.

Send You Links

Links are one of the most popular methods of scamming people. So, if one is sent to you by an account that seems fake. Do not click on it. Perhaps they send you a link persuading you to check out their new website, or they claim it is something interesting that they would like to share, do not click on it. This is because links can easily be disguised to possess malware, viruses, spyware and more. So, you should think and make sure it is trusted before you proceed to click on it.

Request for Your Personal Information

While they are having a conversation with you, they go ahead to ask for your personal information. They even go ahead to ask for your bank information or your credit card number. If you get any message like this, you should be aware that they are trying to scam you. Therefore, you should not give them details about your workplace, mobile number, or even your surname. As this information can help them hack into your accounts.

However, if you are not sure of if they are legit and you want to share your mobile number, you can just create a Google Voice Account. This would help get you a separate mobile number that will forward all messages to your main mobile number and the profile would be clueless as to if the number isn’t your real number.

There are many more ways to know if a profile is fake aside from the above. Other ways you can know is; they refuse video or phone chat, the give excuses to avoid meeting in person, their stories are always straight, and they also seem too good to be true. With all these tips, you can always be safe and protect yourself from fake accounts and profiles.