HSBC – Global Banking and Markets

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Have you heard about one of the world’s largest banking and financial services organizations? HSBC is all about serving quality wealth and personal banking, commercial banking, and a whole lots concerning Global Banking and Markets. It has over with over 40 million customers from all around the globe. HSBC networks currently have branches in over 64 countries and territories in Europe, Asia, Africa, and also in the Middle East, North America, and Latin America are not left unreached respectively.

HSBC - Global Banking and Markets

It is in its interest of it to provide its customers with a world of opportunities. Also, with the use of their various expertise, capabilities, breadth, and perspectives to open up new forms of great opportunities to their customers. It is keen to see that they create a better world for every individual by connecting them to people, ideas, and capital that nurtures progress and growth.

How Old is HSBC?

Let us take a look at its history of it as a brand and a bank service. With over 150 years in existence, HSBC has been a great hand of support to its customers. HSBC initially was conceived in an idea as a local bank serving international needs and purposes.

It officially came into actualization in March 1865, it opened its doors for business first in Hong Kong, and it helped to finance trade between Asia and Europe also. As the years go by, HSBC keeps expanding and growing largely into diverse continents of the world. Currently, the total number of active customers in HSBC is summed up to over 40 million.

Who Are the HSBC?

It is derived from the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited, the red and white hexagon symbol was developed out of the bank’s original house flag which was in turn based on the cross of the most St Andrew. HSBC lions got nicknamed Stephen and Stitt after senior managers from the 1920s.

Valuing differences, succeeding together across boundaries, taking responsibility, and getting it done are the basic values it is well-known for. This is because HSBC believes that by valuing differences, they actively take a broader perspective. And by so doing alerts to so many opportunities to its existing customers. It also believes that by succeeding together. They make connections that allow them to realize the full potential of those opportunities.

In conclusion, It ensures that they leverage those opportunities with integrity attached to them. Also, by getting it done they consistently commit to tenaciously following every action that enhances. Meanwhile, it takes them further to make those opportunities a reality.

Why Invest in It?

HSBC is unarguably one of the world’s leading international banks. However, it has a clear strategy to deliver revenue and profit growth, enhance its customer service, and improve returns to shareholders. Nevertheless, the brands are listed in London, Hong Kong, New York, and Bermuda. HSBC is sure the right choice for investment anyone could make. In addition, they also produce fact books. This is to help investors understand the strategy and performance of the HSBC group and their main global business.