IAN Parry Scholarship – Apply Now

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Are you seeking a Scholarship? Then you should apply for IAN Parry Scholarship. IAN Parry Scholarship is known to be an international photographic competition open to young photographers who are either full-time students of photography courses or below the age of 24. The scholarship is being offered to find and support young people who strive to produce very good photojournalism in just a selfie-obsessed world.

IAN Parry Scholarship

So, if you are good at photography, you can send in your application for this scholarship, win it and enjoy all the unique benefits that are attached to it. Benefits? Yes! There are lots of benefits you would enjoy when you win this photographic competition and the scholarship. Moreso, the scholarship is also open to all nationalities. So regardless of where you are from, you can apply for and win this scholarship. What’s more? Read through to find out.

About IAN Parry Scholarship

IAN Parry is known to be a photojournalist who died while carrying out an assignment for the Sunday Times at the time of the Romanian Revolution in the year 1989. When he died, he was just about the age of 24.

Therefore, Aidan Sullivan, a picture editor at that time, Ian’s family, and friends created this scholarship to build something good and positive from that tragic death. So, every year, an international photographic competition for young and developing photographers attending a full-time photographic course or under the age of 24 is held.

However, this scholarship is divided into two different categories which include “The Tom Stoddart Award of Excellence” and “The Aware For Potential”. There’s not much difference between these two categories. Besides, the entry criteria for both are similar to each other and judges would make decisions according to the applicant’s merits of the entries.

So as an Applicant of this IAN Parry Scholarship, you are required to submit a portfolio, and a clear proposal of a project you would undertake if you win the scholarship.

Requirements to Apply For IAN Parry Scholarship

There are certain requirements you must meet and certain information about yourself you must provide so as for you to be able to apply for this scholarship and also win it. What are these requirements needed? They include;

Your Profile

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Gender
  • Address
  • Country


  • 12 files per project
  • 1 project per submission
  • Minimum of 1500px on the long edge
  • Compatible Files Type: JPG


  • Image Title
  • Extended Captions
  • Project Proposal
  • Image Description
  • Project Description
  • Project Title

Candidates applying for this scholarship should do well to ensure that their application contains all the above-listed information and that all the requirements are met.

Benefits of the IAN Parry Scholarship

There are lots of benefits applicants of this scholarship get to enjoy after they have participated in the competition and won the scholarship. Some of these benefits offered to winners aside from the scholarship include;

  • $3,500 for each winner towards their project
  • The scholarship would be continually supported by Canon and equipment would be loaned to the winners
  • Mentorship program
  • A portfolio review day with leading experts in the industry in London
  • Membership Program

Above all, winners would be allowed to take part in the Transmission program at Visa Pour L’Image.

How to Apply For IAN Parry Scholarship

Applying for this IAN Parry Scholarship is very easy. To apply for the IAN Parry Scholarship, you would need to visit their official website using your web browser. Right from the site, you can locate the apply button to apply for the competition online, then provide all the information required of you.

Is IAN Parry Scholarship Form Still Out in 2022?

No, the scholarship form for 2022 is now closed and unavailable. The application for the scholarship closed for application on the 15th of June 2022. So, if you are looking to apply for this scholarship, you can just wait till the next opening date for the Application.