IGTV App – Download the IGTV App on Your Device

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IGTV app compared to your typical video experience is totally different as it is built for how you use your phone to make videos that are not limited to a minute. IGTV is known to be Instagram’s long-form video platform where you can even watch more videos from the video creators you follow and also discover video contents that have been personalized for you. With the Instagram tv app, you can easily discover videos, clips, vlogs from your favorite Instagram users.

Meanwhile, the IGTV app is only accessible to Instagrammers. In other words, before you can use Instagram tv, you must have an Instagram account. On IGTV, everybody is a creator. You can watch video clips of creators you follow on Instagram and you can create yours as well. Unlike the IGTV feature on the Instagram website and app, the Instagram tv app allows you to save videos you watch. To know more about this unique Instagram feature, you should read further.

Features Of IGTV App

The Instagram Tv mobile app has so many unique features you are liable to enjoy as the app user. One of the major features or importance of installing the app is that it enables you to get access to all other features of the IGTV app. However, these other features include;

  • Download and sign in with your Instagram or Facebook account to watch and make videos
  • Stream videos from IGTV creators that you follow
  • Discover new videos that you might like
  • Record and upload very long videos using the unique hands-free capture which is perfect for vlogs.

Above all, you can also browse videos on the platform based on what you are interested in by searching and exploring. However, the only way you can enjoy these app features is by using the app. But before the app can be used, the download has to be processed first.

How To Download Instagram Tv App

You might want to ask if the IGTV app download is free. Of course, processing the app download is totally free. Although, the app is only available for mobile device users and not for desktop device users. As a mobile device user, you can check your Google play store or app store to install the apps as it has already been made available. Also, downloading the IGTV app using any of the app stores on your mobile device is just the same as downloading any other app. Here are steps on how to download the mobile app below;

Download For Android

  • Open your Google play store
  • Locate the app IGTV app
  • Click on the app from the result
  • Tap on the install button to begin download

Download For iOS

  • Open your device app store
  • Locate the Instagram tv app
  • Click on the app
  • Tap on the get button
  • Verify to start download.

The app is however not available for desktop device users. Therefore, as a desktop device user, you should visit the website to use the platform to make and also stream videos online. if you have just installed the mobile app on your device, read below to know how to use the mobile app on your mobile device.

How To Use IGTV App

Using the app is very easy and hassle-free. However, there are two things you can use the IGTV app to do. They include streaming videos and uploading your own video. But keep in mind that before you use the app, you have to first process the install IGTV download. After which, you can now follow these steps below to use the app to stream and make videos of a longer time duration than the normal time duration Instagram gives for video making. These steps include;

  • Open the app
  • To watch you can stream videos available on the homepage or click on the search button to locate users you want to watch their video
  • And start your streaming
  • To make a video, click on the icon close to the search icon at the top page
  • Tap on the Hands-free icon to start your recording
  • Then after which you can now upload your video.

In conclusion, the IGTV app gives easier access to the platform rather than visiting the website which requires the use of a web browser. But as a mobile device user, if you still prefer to use the website to access the IGTV platform, it is also not a bad idea as using the website doesn’t require you to install any application software. But keep in mind that the mobile app, although needs to be installed first before use still gives you quicker access to all of the features of Instagram TV.