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Lots of people have been spending money going to cinema to watch new movies. People have been watching bad quality movie. Some people also spending time to download movie that they don’t like.

You can actually spend not less than 10 to 5minutes of time to watch good quality trailer of the movie you want to watch or download. You can get all the actions on on your mobile or desktop devices.

IMDb - ‎ Movies & TV Shows Free Streaming Service |

Internet Movie Data Base is a web site where you can watch good quality movie trailers online. on you don’t have to spend all your time or money you can check review on movies, Storyline, Cast overview.

Details such as Country, Language, Release Date and Filming Locations. You can also check rating from other users about the movie and see what they are saying about the movie.

What’s rating on

Rating is basically done with number, latter or other marks. To refer to the quality of something it can be a movie or a product. On imdb movie rating is done by registered users. If you are not a registered user you can sign up for free. Rating on this site starts from 1 to 10 it is usually done with stars symbol.

To fine any movie on this site you can use the search bar to search for movie. You can also check top movies on all you need to do is at the button of the site you will see an icon for top 250 movies click on it. It will pop up a page displaying a table raking of movies from 1 to 250.

You can also search for different kind of movies, like Hollywood and Bollywood movies and they are also classified in various category such as Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Drama, Horror, War and so on. You can search for movies base on their category.

Features of the imdb Top Movies summarize imdb tv movies by telling the story line of the movie and details about the movie. Such as location, script writer, country. It shows even the release date and language sub title.

You can also get new update about upcoming movies and trailers even event. The site also has a page news community where you can read celebrity news. also allows their visitors to comment on movies. So visitor can rate movies and comment on.

To watch movies on this site you need to download and install the extension. “IMBD watcher” install and add to your browser extension. After then you log on to the site ( and search for the movie you watch on the search bar, click it and add to your watch list then click on  view full list then it pops up the list then you click on any movie you Want to watch.

Imdb Top 250 Movies you can Download from the Imdb

  1. chernobyl
  2. game of thrones 
  3. joker
  4. aquaman
  5. top movies
  6. captain marvel
  7. imdbpro
  8. glass
  9. you
  10. bird box
  11. avengers endgame
  12. shazam 
  13. top 100
  14. stranger things
  15. the boys
  16. once upon a time
  17. aladdin 
  18. euphoria
  19. the office
  20. the walking dead