Imo – Free Video Calls and Text | Imo Downloading

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Imo Free Video Calls And Text

Imo is a mobile messaging and video calling app that works just like skype.  With a blue and white user interface with a message symbol and IMO boldly written in blue. With Imo app mobile video call and communication.

Imo - Free Video Calls and Text | Imo Downloading

Imo app is a mobile application build basically for mobile phones and tablets. There is no download available for PC. But there are other alternatives to make the app run on PC.

With this app users can send and receive instant messages, share photos and make a video call for free using IMO app on your device. This is an easy-to-use app with a friendly user interface that supports mobile phone life.

  • iPhone.
  • BlackBerry.
  • Windows Phone.
  • Android.

Imo App Download 

This app is available on the google play store you can follow our step-by-step process below to download the app.

  1. Lunch any web browser on your mobile phone or go to your mobile store
  2. For Android visit for iPhone users visit
  3. If you are using your mobile store app or a web page navigate to the search bar and enter IMO as the search keyword.
  4. You can click on the app to start downing.

if you are finding it difficult to download the App from your app store click here

How to create Imo Account

Imo works just like Whatsapp but the only difference is that IMO can only make video calls, send short messages and share photos.

Note that your phone number and address book we use to connect you with your friends. After successful installation of the app.

The user has to enter his mobile number and select a country in other to get an SMS or a mobile call to verify the mobile number you entered.

After your mobile verification is done successfully. The next page is where you have to enter your Full Name and Age. Click on the next icon by the right to proceed.

This is where you need to invert friends from your phone book. You can opt-out this step or select all contact that doesn’t have the app logo and click on invite to invite them to join the free video call platform.

Features of Imo App

  • Imo make use of mobile number as user ID. When create an account you have to enter your mobile number.
  • Your mobile phone book is use to add users to your contact.
  • you can’t add friend by username or directly from the app you need to add their mobile number to your phone book.
  • You can make free video call with any user that has the app installed on his device.

There are other features in this app such as Profile and Group Chat.


this is a particular page in the app that holds your information. This helps inform other users more about you. Such as your photo which is called a profile picture. This photo can be seen by any user who views your profile. Your mobile number is also displayed on your profile you can view photos that were shared between you and the user from the user’s profile.

Add to your highlights

This is just like WhatsApp broadcast messages but on Imo it’s called highlights. Only video can be on highlights and send to all your contact. when you click on the Add to your highlights icon the app we automatically recode a short video and share it with all your contact.