Dating is said to be a stage of romantic relationships practiced by two people who must have met socially with the aim of being partners in a future intimate relationship. Sometimes, it could be difficult to get partners who are committed within your vicinity. But dating platforms have made it easier for serious relationship seekers and the singles to meet people from different areas of the world for the purpose of dating and building a relationship. However, one of these dating platforms is known as InMessage.

InMessage - How to Access and Sign Up for In Message Account | InMessage App

InMessage is a free online dating platform which helps you find and meet new people. The InMessage dating platform is free and opened to all singles interested in an online relationship. The dating platform has two ways by which it can be accessed which is the InMessage app and the InMessage website. However, you can choose which to access InMessage on as it will always be your private and trustworthy platform for chatting, meeting people, dating and hanging out with people of different races. The InMessage platform helps you locate the singles around you that are also using the InMessage platform for serious relationships.

InMessage App

Aside from accessing In Message via the online InMessage website, the InMessage app is available. The app helps you find people irrespective of the country you are. It could be Nigeria, US, Ghana, Brazil, anywhere and any part of the world. You also get to choose who you want to date or be with on the In Message app and make a quick match with whoever you want to date. The app helps you with the type of gender you are interested in. Also, for gays, bisexual and lesbians, you also get to find a partner on the dating platform. All these can only be enjoyed if you access the InMessage sign up.

InMessage Sign Up

The InMessage sign up is a registration process to have an account, explore InMessages and get access to all its features for free. However, InMessage sign up can be processed online and also on the InMessage app. Therefore, to join other In Message users and find a relationship partner, you have to first process the sign up. Here are steps by which you can sign up for an account on In Message;

For InMessage Website Users

  • Visit the InMessage online website @
  • Enter your gender and one of these (straight, bisexual, gay/lesbian)
  • Click on the continue button
  • Then enter your personal information
  • Click on the next button
  • Create a username and a strong password
  • Then click done

For InMessage App Users

  • Install and open the app
  • Click on the join us link
  • Enter your personal information
  • Click the register link
  • Create your profile

The steps listed are steps for signing up manually on the In Message dating platform. You can also sign up for InMessage with social media accounts which includes Facebook or twitter. All you just have to do is click on the social media icon of the media you want to use to sign up. Then after that, enter the information required of you. Note that, the sign up is limited to the age of 18+. After you have signed up, you can process the In Message login as it is only for existing users and users that have created an account.

InMessage Login

The InMessage login is a process which ought to be taken before you can access your already created In Message login providing your login credentials. The In Message login can be done via the website and also the mobile app irrespective of where you created the account. here are steps by which you can login to your In Message account and start your chat;

Website Users

  • Visit the website @
  • Click on the sign in link
  • Enter your login information
  • Click on the on the sign in button

App Users

  • Open the mobile app
  • Enter your login information
  • Click on the login link

The above listed steps are the manual login steps. Therefore, if you used social media to process the InMessage sign up, you should click on the icon of the social media to provide the necessary information to login and start chatting. After you have logged in, you can now start adding people, chatting and searching for a partner or someone you would like to date.