Instagram as a platform sometimes is referred to as the best tool for mobile photography. What that means is that with Instagram you can post any kind of photos on your account for as long as you want. But without you having the Instagram app that would not be possible. All these pictures are stored in your account and there is a count on them for every time you post. It is pretty cool because you can easily find out how much you are doing with respect to sharing photos with friends. Posting of photos on Instagram is enjoyable, in fact it is only possible with mobile devices hence the need for the Instagram app. However, if you want once in a lifetime superb family photoshoots, it might be much more ideal to employ the expertise of professional photographers.

Instagram App - How to Access Instagram App

The Instagram app is an app that is built to perform the same function that the website Instagram performs. In other words, the app can make users enjoy all they stand to enjoy when accessing Instagram via the website on their laptops or desktop computers. It is enjoyable after downloading and installing on mobile devices. Asides making users enjoy the same experience they would on the website, it goes one step further to ensure that users can easily post pictures right from the camera rolls of their mobile phone. You can not post pictures when using the website version of Instagram.

Benefits of Using Instagram App

Most social platforms currently available have a mobile app also available. This is the case for Instagram as well. The Instagram app makes accessing Instagram via mobile devices very easy and it comes with the following benefits:

  • The Instagram apps are available on mobile devices which makes accessing Instagram faster.
  • You can get Instagram feeds on the go.
  • Users can post photos directly from the camera roll of their mobile devices.
  • The mobile devices are portable and as such can be used to do several other things while on Instagram.
  • Notifications get to users immediately, and operations can be carried out seamlessly even before getting on the computer.

How to Access Instagram App

As is the same for every other apps that are associated to other social media platforms, the Instagram mobile apps can be downloaded and installed to mobile devices. The mobile devices such as iPhones, iPad and Android are the platforms upon which these app runs. Below are the steps to get the Instagram app.

  • Visit the store on your mobile devices. For Android devices it is the google play store while for the iPhone and iPad devices you can visit the Apple App Store.
  • Go to the search engine part of the store and type “Instagram”.
  • Some options will appear. Click on the one that has the Instagram logo.
  • Click download.
  • After download, click install.

After download and installing is complete, the Instagram app will be instantly stored on the homepage of which ever device was used to download it. To use the app, click on it and provide your normal username and password as is same with the one you will use on the website. You will be taken to your Instagram account page where you will be able to continue using Instagram in a simpler way.