Instagram is one of the todays most popular app for sharing photos with your friends online. With a simple user interface that allow you to take a photo, apply an effect to photos and share them on various social media.This app is available on App Store and Google Play Store.

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How to Create Instagram Account

If you are new to Instagram the very first thing you need to do is to sign up. Which aromatically gives you full access to lots of amazing photos that worth a thousand words. Here am going to show you how to sign up.

  1. run the instagram app on your mobile device after downloading the app.
  2. click on the sign up icon by the left side.
  3. under sign up you see two options ask you to “enter your email or login with face book”
  4. enter your email address and click on next.
  5. the next page is asking you to enter your full name (optional).
  6. enter your user name and click next “this is the user name you use when you are  about to login”
  7. enter your password “this is the password you use when you are  about to login”
  8. the next window is where you can upload your profile picture you can import a photo from facebook, twitter, photo library or take a photo.

Note: that you can’t sign up via the web on you can sign up only with the app upon the registration. The app will ask whether you want to follow your facebook friends who are also on instagram. The app also suggests popular users that you can follow, right after you have registered.

How to Login to Instagram 

  1. Run the app on your mobile device or visit ether with a pc or mobile device.
  2. click on login or login with facebook.
  3. enter your user name and password.
  4. click on the login icon.

The first time you run the app after its been install. You we be ask to register or sign in, you can login to your account or sign up to create a new instagram account. If you don’t have one yet you can quickly register if you have a facebook account.

Instagram will use some of your facebook profile info but you still need to specify instagram username and password. This is the app main screen also known as the home tab it displays all the photos that were posted by you or instagram users that you follow. Below there is five button, this tab is the door button to instagram.

The first tab is the home button it takes you to the main screen or home screen. The next one is the Search button. It is used to Search for a particular user, the middle button is the camera button this open the camera app and it is the starting point of photo sharing on Instagram. The fourth button opens the news tab where you can see updates of your instagram followers and the last button opens your profile page where you can update your profile info, account statistics, settings, photos and more.

One of the big reasons why people use instagram is basically to share interesting photos to other instagram users how exactly can you achieve that. you can share a photo from two sources your existing photo in your gallery or by capturing a new photo, to start sharing photos tap the camera button.

It is the instagram advance camera which is the default way to acquire photo for sharing. it is a very simple camera it doesn’t need any user guide to use it. If you want to get a photo from your gallery you tap your gallery icon to pick a photo from your albums regardless of your photo source. You have a chance to apply photo enhancement to your photo before you publish it to your instagram photo field.

The other biggest reason why people use instagram is that they want to view interesting photos shared by other instagram users. How do you go about viewing a photo on instagram. All of the latest photos posted by you or shared by your followers are visible on the home tab.

Just tap this button to view your home tab. Here you can like photos or leave comments. You can manually refresh the home tab by tapping the refresh button. If you found an offensive or inappropriate photo on your photo stream. This three dialog button will be of great help. It helps you to report the inappropriate photo to instagram.

Suppose you found a really interesting photo and you want to found out whether the instagram user who posted it have other interesting photos that you can check out. Just tap the user profile photo or username to open the user profile page. You can view all the photos on the users profile. You can like or drop a comment on the photo.

instagram let you discover interesting photos from users around the world. You can do that on the explore tab every time you tap the refresh button here you get a new set of random photos. On the photo page you can like it or comment on it. You can also view the users profile and follow the user.

Another way of discovering photos is by using a hashtag. Search from the explore tab, tap the search button from the upper right and switched to the tags tab. This work just like the key word search. Type a key word here like this #topshop and you get a list of ash tag containing all related to that key word.

let check the hashtag which have a million of his or her photos with the hash copies. A tag also do not include spaces in your search terms. Hashtags don’t use spaces, so if you search for a keyword like this #top shop. You might not get results but try it without spaces like this, whenever you view an instagram photo.

You can like or leave a comment or both.To like a photo is easy to do, just double tap the love icon button the love icon showed up in red. If you accidentally like the photo and doing it by tapping the love icon button so it’s no longer red.

If you are new to instagram and you probably don’t have followers yet, you probably not even following anyone yet, to follow an instagramer means to subscribe to the person photo field so you can view the user that you follow, and what going on with the people who is following you or who you are following, where do you look for users that you follow?

To get the latest buzz about your followers and those who you are following.Open the news tab,  you see news about the users that you are following including who liked your photo, who get the photo to the popular page, who started to follow you and so on, the news tab is for news related to you and your photos including friend request, new comments who start following you and lots more.