Using Instagram at times can be very boring due to interacting and viewing familiar people status over and over again. Thanks to the Instagram search feature users can always meet new things if they wish to on the platform. As long as the user owns an active Instagram account they will be able to achieve this desire. This article covers all a user needs to know about the Instagram explore feature.

Instagram Search - Search Instagram Users & Hashtag

The Instagram search feature is a search engine that users can use to locate any person, events, trends and media file on the Instagram social media. This search option provides users with the opportunity to encounter new things and people. Helping in achieving one of the aims which led to the invention of social media platforms.

Features Of Instagram Search

Millions of people make use of the Instagram platform daily. That means that new things are bound to come up every day also. That’s where the Instagram search option comes in. The search feature allows users to get to know about these new things. The amazing things the Instagram search feature allows users to come across include.

  • Users get to search for long-lost friends by just typing the name of the person in the search engine. This helps to save the time the user will use to wait for the person to follow them directly. When a user searches for a person, Instagram helps provide the user with an account with the name they input.
  • Instagram provides users with Locations of events, companies, live shows and many other things. Users can get this info by simply just clicking the place tabs of the company or event they want to get details on. Once the users do this, the search engine will provide results containing pictures that were taken by people in their location.
  • One good way of utilizing the search option is by simply searching for keywords. This keyword includes hashtags that Instagram users have uploaded on the platform. Users that come across popular hashtags can always search for them using the Instagram search option. This allows them to see things that relate or describes the keyword they want to have intel on.

The above features are things every Instagram account owners get to benefit after carrying out the Instagram sign up the process. There are many other things the Instagram search offers to its users. This is as a result of the updates Instagram platform enforces on its platform daily. Its left for users to try to utilize the platform well enough to discover them.

How To Use The Instagram Search Tool

Users that own an active Instagram account can make use of the Instagram explore option anytime they want. As long as they have a device that can access the services of the Instagram social media. All the user needs to do is follow the steps below to use the Instagram search option.

  1. Open the website on the device. Users with mobile devices can launch the Instagram app.
  2. Carry out the Instagram login process.
  3. From the home page of your Instagram account, find and click on the explore tab or button.
  4. Type the name of the thing you want to gain intel on.
  5. Enter the thing you’re in search of by clicking on the picture from the search results.

Once the above step’s complete the user will get to the thing they want to gain intel on. Users can use the Instagram search option anytime they want to with the above steps. The Instagram search option is available for both the Instagram web services and mobile app.