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News providing web platform are found in each country in the world today. In the world of today, countries are able to boast of having their own news providing web platforms. For instance, in Nigeria, they have news providing platforms like channels, NTA, AIT and many others. is a web platform which offers these kinds of services in South Africa. However, it’s one f the best online news website to get the latest update and current information regardless to each event. Besides, the updated their members with all information new about Sports, Covid19, entertainment, celebrity lifestyle, personal finance, etc. Meanwhile, the iol is a south Africa website with all benefit and categories offers to users and also a subscribing icon offers.

IOL - Get the Latest South Africa News Online |
IOL – Get the Latest South Africa News Online | is a web platform which provides means through which South African based citizen users can get news updates on trending events occurring in South Africa and around the world. The web platform serves as a means through which IOL offers its services to users. The confirmed official URL IOL is This URL is used to access the IOL web platform.

Contents Of Web Platform

IOL web platform has many contents which enable users to get satisfied after making use of its web platform. The contents of web platform are arranged visibly well so as to enable users to easily explore its contents. The web platform has a clock providing service which displays time for users to view.

Users can use the search option on the web platform home page to search for news of their choice. Menu Sections menu section helps to direct user directly to the News category they want to see. These menu sections provide means for easy navigation when using the web platform. The menu sections found in the web platform are.

  • News.
  • Business.
  • Sport.
  • Entertainment.
  • Lifestyle.
  • Travel.
  • Motoring
  • Personal Finance
  • Education
  • Tech.

Users get to use these menu sections to navigate the web platform. Each option available on the menu sections contains daily news updates. Users have access to view all the new options from the Menu section for free.


Information regarding South Africa, Politics, Africa and the  World is on this menu section. Users can view the news update on special events happening across the world and also in their country on this menu section. Opinion and Eish news updates are on this menu section for a user to view.


News updates on Business Report and Finance are readily available for users to view every day on the Business menu sections.


There different categories of sports news to select on the Sports menu section. The categories include Soccer, Rugby, Cricket, Boxing, Tennis, Athletics, Cycling and many others. Each of these sports categories contains news concerning its field. Users in search of news updates on a particular sport should check this menu section.


Celebrity, Books, Music, and TV shows news updates are on this menu section. Users get trending information on their famously loved celebs. Movies & Theatre reviews can be gotten by users on this menu section. Information about competitions ongoing around the world and country are on this menu section.

News updates on things regarding lifestyle, Travel, and Motoring can all be gotten by simply entering them from the menu section. These menu sections are on the web platform’s homepage. For users to get to view this daily news updates on the IOL web platform. They have to access the web platform or can simply sign up to the web platform so as to get New updates in their email.

How To Sign Up To Web Platform

The signup process on IOL web platform is very straightforward. Users can easily sign up to this web platform without experiencing any difficulty. Users can either sign up with their email or simply subscribe to any Newspaper title which provides news reports for the web platform. Signing up with the use of email is a lot easier than subscribing to newspaper services.

The steps required to sign up to web platform with email are.

  1. Ensure you have an internet connected device.
  2. Open the website on your device’s web browser.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the homepage.
  4. Locate the sign-up option, which is at the right bottom side of the home page.
  5. Type your valid email address in the required field.
  6. Click the Sign-Up button. The platform will automatically direct the user to a page to fill a subscription form.
  7. Enter your First and Last name.
  8. Select your date of birth.
  9. Choose your gender.
  10. Select the newsletter you want to subscribe to from the available options.
  11. Enter the Verification Code shown to you in the required field.
  12. Click the submit button.

The sign-up process will be complete after the above steps. Users can subscribe to to make use of its services with the above steps.