IRS – Internal Revenue Service |

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IRS, an acronym for Internal Revenue Service is the largest firm in the United State Department of Treasury. It guides and manages the nation’s tax system hence enforces all internal revenue laws based on the concept of voluntary compliance. However, its work excludes those laws governing alcohol, tobacco, firearms, and explosives.

IRS - Internal Revenue Service |
IRS – Internal Revenue Service |

Furthermore, founded in 1862, since inception, the IRS derives most of its revenues from the collection of corporate and individual income tax. An Internal Revenue commissioner, who is chosen by the President of the United State, supervises the IRS activities. This tenure is a five-year term. Aside from its main goal to impose the internal revenue code in the country; it controls several tasks to ascertain this claim.

These include serving and educating taxpayers; forming, analyzing, and collecting taxes. It proceeds to investigate individuals and companies that violate tax laws. IRS issues rules and regulations that guide the IR code. Another added quest in determining pension plan degrees and exempt firm status.

IRS Current Relays

To enhance customer service and improve its collections, an idea was put into place. In order to achieve this, the Internal Revenue Service Restructuring and Reform Act of 1998 is adhered to. This initiated the IRS functions to be run under four major divisions. These are namely:

  • Wage and Investment.
  • Large Business and International.
  • Small Business / Self-Employed.
  • Tax-Exempt and Government Entities.

Another way the IRS keeps track of its managerial tasks is its program segment. The programs pioneered are Taxpayer Services, Problem Resolution, Examination, Collection, and Criminal Investigation, divisions. Other enlisted programs about which you can find more are Appeals, Statistics of Income, and Tax Practitioner Conduct.

IRS Tax Forms

These forms are used for the tax payment service in the IRS. It is one in which taxpayers and tax-exempt firms detail their fiscal data. Tax forms are used to report income and calculate taxes needed to be paid to the U.S federal government. Also, other information required by Internal Revenue Code is published on the tax forms.

On the contrary, there are numerous different types of forms and schedules. Each can be obtained in various situations for tax deductions, and tax credits amongst other benefits. Federal income tax returns are generally due by April 15th unless the date falls on a non-working day. | Internal Revenue Service 

Change is inevitable; the world is evolving and technology keeps gaining ground. This, the IRS is aware of, makes the firm bent on paving ways to modernize its operations. Hence, it presents an online facility for tax preparers and the firm’s employee intranet.

The web portal encompasses all its services and can be accessed from any browser at any time. makes available a wide range of courses that help taxpayers search and find the basic needs required to meet their tax role. It delivers trusted resources to improve its service options for American taxpayers, online.

Designed with a sleek and easy-to-use interface, this web portal can be navigated in some listed language options. Its services are categorically arrayed on its main menu bar section. These options are as follows;

  • Filing.
  • Payments.
  • Refunds.
  • Credits & Deductions.
  • News & Events.
  • Forms & Pubs.
  • Help & Resources.
  • For Tax Pros.

Get updated news and hot topics discussed on the tax system. File your tax return, get refund status and pay your tax bill online with the available tools and options on the web portal. It is fast, reliable, and easy to use. offers 24/7 tax services in the comfort of its users’ homes.

With its search option, you can easily and quickly find results by entering a keyword. An advanced search can also be used where you can fill some fields and adjust the filter to get desired results.

Check tax information for different bodies that are enlisted on the platform. Also, you can contact IRS to resolve an issue. Present on the lower section of its interface is the links to some other tax-related sites. On the note, you should know that when you tap on a link; it redirects you to that link’s domain page.

The IRS Portal | Added Features

IRS Free File, an added service is present on its web portal. This embeds the IRS e-file which enables U.S. taxpayers to provide and send their tax returns online for free. The service, although accessed via the IRS web platform, is not operated by the IRS (rephrased from Wikipedia). An alternate option for this service is the IRS e-file provider’s tax return software.

However, Check the most IRS tax scam alerts, and get tips on how and when the IRS contacts its taxpayers to avoid being scammed. You can also get other tips as regards tax services. With EO Select Check, you can get details about the federal tax status and filings of an exempt company. All services are rendered for free.

More Features

Nevertheless, The Electronic Federal Tax Payment System is an included feature on the portal. This offers taxpayers an easy and flexible way for making IRS payments via the internet or mobile phones. This can be used to make all federal tax payments, including income, employment, estimated, and excise taxes.

Apply for Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITINs). Browse through the electronic filing options available for different audiences and select which best suits you. Subscribe to tax guides, news, alerts, and lots more.

Search on the forms and publications to quickly find a form and download it. Check on the type range and navigate between options. The type ranges are current, prior year, accessible, and eBooks.


There is much more on the web portal than I can itemize. eases your tax services with its diverse service options. The interface is easy to use and all options can be used for free. Another thing I need to state here is that there is no account sign-up on the interface. It baffles me too but a linked site I visited on it requires account creation.

However, all features on can be used by all visiting users as they are automatically logged in. However, some features could, of course, request signup. Visit the portal today and read more about what it entails. Check some reviews on its tax service. Do not wait till you are ready to pay your tax bills.