Is Crunchyroll Down? – Recent Problems And Outages

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Is the Crunchyroll down? Why am I having problems accessing the anime site? What can I do?  Many have lots of questions everywhere they ask and yet, have no idea of where to start. Luckily, I might have some information that could be pretty useful.

Is Crunchyroll Down? - Recent Problems And Outages

Crunchyroll is one of the best and most popular streaming services on the internet. Without any doubt, this streaming service serves a useful purpose to thousands and millions of people obsessed with the anime genre. Moreover, this website is perfect in its delivery of catalogs that ranges from horror, romance to comedy and more.

In addition to this, this excellent streaming site also has its contents available in original Japanese voice-over with subtitles. Also, the contents are all dubbed in English for all international fans.

The issue of Crunchyroll being down seems to be taking the internet by storm. Both online visitors and social media users seem to face challenges trying to access the Crunchyroll website or even stream videos from there. One cannot be really sure what could be causing it, as there have been some past instances as well. However, one can only look forward to being able to stream on the website.

How Did Crunchyroll Crash?

There could be various reasons why you might not be able to access the Crunchyroll site from your end or why others can’t also seem to access it as well. There could be various reasons for this unfortunate incident.

However, in recent times (recently), the Crunchyroll site has appeared to crash twice as a whole in this very month.  One of the obvious blaring reasons was the release and upload of the One Piece Episode 1071 anime. This is a popular anime that all anime lovers around the world have been expecting. Once the anime was finally available, it was uploaded to anime sites, Crunchyroll being one of them. Unfortunately, this caused the vent Overload to happen. This event caused sites like Crunchyroll to crash, even before the anime came out.

When Will The Site Be Back And Running?

A particular date can’t be given as to when the site will be back up and running. All you have to do as the streamer is to ensure that you constantly refresh the site after waiting a while to see if it has finally been uploaded. That is what you can do for now until you can finally access the site again.

What To Do If The Site Is Unavailable

Crunchyroll might have varying reasons for a prompt absence and inability to access the site. Nevertheless, there are certain things that you can do to offer a solution if the site cannot be accessed. Here are solutions you can do if you cannot access the Crunchyroll site:

Clear Browser Cookies

If perhaps you are facing a problem that is quite similar to this, you can try out something first to offer as a solution. You have to clear your browser cookies as well as change the IP address of your computer.

Clear DNS Cache

Another solution that you can try out if you are facing difficulty in accessing the streaming site is clearing the DNS cache. Proceed to clear the DNS cache from your computer and once you do, try to access the site again.

Wipe Browser Cache

This is something that you might have to try out as well. Clearing the cache of the browser could possibly help with the difficulty to access the site. If you want to delete the cache, refresh the page in the browser by pressing Ctrl + F5. Also, this gets you the current version of the page as well.

Check for Antivirus And Firewall

Another thing that could possibly block you from accessing the Crunchyroll website is antivirus programs or a firewall. A firewall installed could possibly be a major reason for not being able to access the site. So, you can proceed to check if any antivirus programs or an installed firewall are blocking your access to the Crunchyroll site.

These are some possible solutions that you can offer in regards to not being able to access the streaming site, Crunchyroll that easily. If after checking these, the streaming service still isn’t functioning, you can proceed to contact their customer service.