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We are in the 24 century and more developing in term of communicating keeps getting bigger and better. Eventually, you have come across the word Facebook from your colleague or probably your friends asking you if you are on Facebook. If you answer to them is no, don’t feel embarrassed you view the outline providing you steps to join Facebook. The social media platform called Facebook is one of the largest social networking sites.

Join Facebook - Join Facebook Market Place

Above all one of the uses platforms that help users connect with far away friends, colleagues from work and other acquaintances. It’s more entertaining with Facebook because you get to meet you, friends, share updates, post photos, and videos to make your timeline looks attractive. With a Facebook account, users get to experience limitless benefits for various angles and can be accessed on different devices. Apart from the normal chatting and viewing timeline on Facebook, you can view whole lots of reason on the outline below.

The reason why you should Join Facebook

If you want to join Facebook as a first timer opens the door to the world of unimaginable social networking in form of a cloud. Aside, from the fact Facebook allows users to stay in touch with friends and family. There’s a whole lot of entertaining factors and other privileges open to you such as:

  • Awareness: lots of awareness program on different aspect is found on Facebook. Whereby you get updated on new things and discovers around which you not aware of. You also get insight on market development and conversation of groups also page.
  • Social connection: Facebook get you connected to others social media platform like Twitter, Instagram to meet new people. It has a great connection in provide you with customers for your products or services.
  • Advertisement: another important aspect of Facebook actually provides a large capacity structure. That allows you to advertise your goods to a large number of people even outside your country.

There are other important benefits of joining the platform like you get to create your own group or page. Also, play games and more on the platform with the basic needs to join the platform. You can get a good and secure account for yourself or business account.

What you need to Join Facebook

Basically, some other social network site requires users to pay an amount of money before you can message someone and view the user profile. But joining Facebook is completely free requiring no payment option. All that required are of this following:

  • Need you to provide a valid email address or phone number which use to verify your account.
  • You also need to provide a password formation when creating your password by adding number or symbols.
  • Your date of birth is needed the month, year and date.

However, when you have completed the following on the first page and other requirements include your picture, about yourself and others details. But first, you need to provide the above following for you to be able to join Facebook.

How to Join Facebook for the First Time

To join the social media site for any of the above reason takes you about five minutes to set up your account. Therefore, you can access the main page with a web browser. Use the following instruction to create/join the Facebook platform.

  • Open a new tab on your PC or any internet connected devices and visit the site with the URL and click enter.
  • On the homepage happens to be where you get to create an account. You can then fill out the following info:
  • Enter your full name on the field, email address or phone number, create a new password and birthday.
  • Then you can select your gender and once you verified the info is correct you can click the sign-up

Immediately, you click the icon and have finally joined the platform. You can now fill out the info such as uploading your profile, add your hometown and city. You can skip the process if you want and also you can perform the function on the app. However simply install the Facebook app to your devices and fill out following needs. That is how you get to join Facebook for free.

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